Basically, one of the main objectives of successfully defending oneself against an attacker is to physically redirect the enemy's force away from you until it is effectively neutralized while simultaneously attacking your attacker successfully in an unguarded area. A variety of methods are used in many different martial arts to accomplish this.

Upon perceiving the attacker's movement you could:

  1. Move on an angle away from your attacker and then back to him.

  2. Drop to the ground and then attack him.
  3. Jump onto him.
  4. Use any of the above in combination.

There are many methods and many variations, but these are only partially effective unless you can redirect the attacker's mind. When you redirect the attacker's mind, he is not exactly aware of what is happening; he becomes confused and is very vulnerable to your counter-attack. Several deceptive methods are entwined to achieve this goal:

  1. A calculated, sophisticated use of one's total body language.
  2. The range of one's voice.
  3. The clothes you wear and how and when you wear them.

This is just a basic introduction into a highly specialized and skillfully used technique that is seldom discussed or taught. To be able to redirect and distract an attacker's mind and body by the use of these basic methods is essential before one can advance to a higher level.

Guy Savelli

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