You need two men for this exercise. One stands behind the other, holding and bracing a football blocking bag held against his thigh, hip, and chest area. It would benefit the cannon-kicking trainee if his partner who is holding the bag is a real lineman currently playing on a college-level football team.

The man holding the blocking bag must be strong and determined to not let himself give any ground backward when the bag he is holding gets kicked. He must not let his feet move at all, as if they were glued to the ground.

The training starts when the trainee who is standing with his back to the front of the lineman decides to quickly turn and back kick the bag. The objective is to drive the lineman through the air, backward. To do this, the trainee must visualize that his body is a cannon and his foot is the cannonball, cocked and ready to fire. When the lineman says he is prepared to hold his ground, the kicking trainee must fire. To do this effectively, the kicker must:

  1. Sense when the lineman is at his weakest mentally.
  2. Wind up internally like a coiled spring.
At the appropriate time the kicking trainee feels an explosion start and suddenly fires directly into the bag. The kicker turns so his left leg strikes the bag and is perpendicular to the bag when the bag is being struck. The kicker is able to hit the lineman with his hand at the same time his foot makes contact if he chooses to do so. The objective is to create a shockwave that emits itself from the kicker and enters into the physical body of the lineman through the bag as if it weren't there. Doing this would cause the lineman to fly backwards as he feels this penetration as a strong intestinal cramp, doubling him and picking him upward and backward.

Good luck. Watch for Cannon-Kicking 2
Guy Savelli

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