Basic Visualization for Chi

Visualize yourself when you were younger, before puberty. You are standing in the shade of a house you used to live in on a very hot day. Relive the occasion and feel the heat beat down on you as you leave the shade. You are starting to walk to your right, towards the sunlight to a path that goes into a field. You feel the heat and hear the crickets. There is a swirling of calmness in the air. When the bright sunlight first hits your eyes, you "see" the young you squinting. Simultaneously, you feel the sunlight in your eyes; you squint for real, as if it is really happening to you at that moment. You walk by a large bush with flowers. You can smell the flowers. You see and feel bees buzzing around. Further down the path, you pick up two branches. You throw one branch, which is about one inch in diameter, into the air. You swing the second branch at the first, trying to break it. You cannot break the branch by merely hitting it physically hard, as the branch is young, green, and bows with each blow. You focus. An intense energy starts to swirl inside of you; your body feels very warm. You swing the branch and strike again. As if by magic, you slice through the branch in which you previously could not break. That rush of a feeling and consequent triumph -- action -- was your first experience using your Chi. Do not forget this exercise. Try to duplicate your results. Know you will "see" it right and you will be able to duplicate this feat.


Guy Savelli

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