Kun Tao (Clear Mind)

From the time we are small children in school most of our formal education is based upon mental sequential concepts, i.e. two plus two equal four, house is spelled H-O-U-S-E. This kind of reasoning follows us throughout our lives. How do you do this or that? What exactly is wrong? This kind of reasoning ignores the function of our right brain. Our right brain (unlike our left reasoning brain) is intuitive, non-reasoning and deals with ethereal matters. Kun Tao is a right brain or intuitive art. How can we foster a clear intuitive mind? A mind with no thoughts? A total sensing mind? A mind that we would need if we lived in a jungle to survive? In the jungle, the head of the village is the toughest one. No one can beat him – the social order is based on how good you can fight. A member of any tribe has to be aware of his peers, every tribe has to be aware of every other tribe who would like to take an opposing tribe member as a trophy. Animals can attack at any time. We would have to be ready to defend/attack in each of these deadly encounters day and night, 24/7. Sensing has to be a reflex; your body has to react reflexively, deadly every day and night. Most of civilized society has trouble clearing their mind with the intentions needed for survival in a jungle.

Consciously, consistently, if your mind is not ready, how can your body be ready? Your mind has to protect your body. It has to form a shield of instant reflex-reaction.

To start, I teach some students one 'method', some another. A simple and effective technique is given:

  1. Get a tape recorder.

  2. Tape a 3 or 4 paragraph message to yourself, pausing every 10 to 30 words into it. I.e., say- “John went to the store and bought potatoes, onions and fruit (pause here 1,2,3 - recording this pause onto the tape). Start recording again. Say, “John then went home to put the groceries away in the pantry (pause here 1,2,3). Start taping again. Say, “John then went out to his car to go on a ride (pause here 1,2,3). And so on, for the rest of your tape conversation.

  3. At every pause you try to remember the last 3 words that were taped. You will not have time to think any thoughts to yourself if you follow this training lesson, as you do not know when the next pause you are waiting for will happen.

  4. When you listen to anyone, try to follow this procedure throughout the day. After a while you can listen to what is being said without thinking, as you are waiting for them to pause (and you remember the last 3 words). This will lead you to having a clear mind throughout the day, you will be able to sense better, even when someone else is talking to you.

My Beginning Huc Chung Kun Tao Correspondence Course is the precursor to formal Kun Tao training.

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Guy Savelli

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