World-Wide Correspondence Course

As of today, 01/04/2000, there will be no new physical, mental, or spiritual updates on this website, only news items such as seminars, new products for sale, etc. But because many of you have asked me to give you more information about the various updates so far I have made a special correspondence course for you.

The purpose of this correspondence course is to make you as effective of a fighter as anyone who physically comes to our studio no matter where you live in this world. Distance away from me is of no importance, only a mental connection is needed and through my thorough explanations, pictures, and audio/video tapes you will learn to think and move as I do. If you adhere to these lessons diligently you will achieve this goal.

This first lesson contains priceless discoveries I have made using Huc Chung Kun Tao for over 35 years. Go over this lesson carefully and begin the instruction at once. Your course is the very same course I have used to advance myself to the mastery I have achieved so far.

I would like to have you practice lesson one throughout your entire course. Likewise, follow the valuable lesson on how to clearly present yourself to your public as shown in lesson two all through the course. How you look, what you wear, how you appear to others, is practiced with professional care and deliberation. No matter where you are. To be in tune with yourself, how you sound, how you breathe is just as important as any physical move. Every two weeks I would like you to add two new lessons to lesson one and two. Then drop these two lessons and take the next two lessons. For example, practice lesson one and two for two weeks then add lesson three and four. Practice these for two weeks then drop lesson three and four and add lesson five and six. After two weeks drop five and six and add seven and eight. Continue this until you have finished all of the lessons. But remember to continue the exercises in lesson one and your "style" in lesson two all though the course. Be sure you put in two weeks or more on each two lessons. Study the photos illustrating the exercises so you are sure you are doing them correctly. Your success depends on sincerity and your stick-to-it attitude. The results will surely come.

In my first lessons I am assuming that you value your health, mind, and spiritual power sufficiently to be willing to pay for it fully with intelligence and persistent labor. You cannot get any worthwhile results without effort on your part.

To succeed in the building of superb mind, body and spiritual strength you must have willpower. Make up your mind that you will follow these instructions no matter what you have to sacrifice. You must have hope and be positive, expect and know you will have the results. You must be courageous and fear nothing. You must have complete confidence in this system. You must have faith in yourself for a new and richer life. You must believe in yourself and these methods. Then the result will more than satisfy you. You must be persistent. Remember weak, sporadic effort will get you nowhere. You must think health and protection. You must radiate these thoughts to others. Throw off any unwholesome tendencies, throw away all of your doubt. From now on, you must curb your impulses, keep your mind clear and always focused and strong. You must restrain your bad habits with clear and focused intentions that keep you alert, mobile, and supple.

As you move on through each day you will find yourself getting stronger and more fluid. You are what you are because of your past daily habits. You must conserve your energy for the acquisition of new and better mental, physical and spiritual habits. Once they become fixed, no one will be able to control you.

To overcome past injurious habits and develop new better ones you must bring your full attention to the matter. You must think intentionally of the motive and the outcome involved and thus occupy your mind with better things, turning away from past bad habits. Remember the man who really wants to control them can destroy all bad habits. You can make these exercises a success or a miserable failure. You can make them monotonous or irksome or you can make them delightful. It depends solely on your mental attitude. You should want to regard your exercise with shear delight and look forward to them as a joy to perform. Believe that your mind, body and spirit are striving for perfection and you are getting closer every day. Finishing your exercises is a perfect daily goal, and step by step you really are getting closer to perfection.

In your physical activity you must put conscious, concentrated effort into each movement, perform each exercise with a will and a mental picture. Think strength, power, and speed.

Put life into your exercises, put emotion into your motion. Never perform them half-heartedly. Do not be lazy, do not dread these exercises. They are saving you. They make you brighter and better at everything.

Make up your mind you are putting your whole heart and soul into each exercise. The first exercise will build a strong foundation for the entire body. This lesson will give special emphasis to locking your body together, moving and breathing right. These exercises are to be practiced at least once every waking hour, every day, no matter where you are. You will understand these lessons better if you go to a quiet place and read them aloud to yourself.

Partial Sample Lesson One

  1. How to breathe
  2. Sink Tai So
  3. Wall Tai So Hits and Kicks
  4. How to Turn and Jump
  5. How to Walk and Drop


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Guy Savelli


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