Dim Mak II - The Beginning

To practice Dim Mak, your state of mind-mentally and spiritually-is everything. There is no short cut or quick way to get it. One way to train the mind and spirit is to use a mirror.

  1. Position yourself 15-20 feet from a full length mirror. The best results are usually obtained by kneeling and sitting on your heels with the tops of your bare feet flush to the floor. If you have trouble with your legs or feet, you can sit in a chair.

    Sit with your back straight and your arms in your lap. Tilt your head downward and look at the floor in front of you to start.

  2. Breathe diaphragmatically, your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

  3. Situate yourself in the center of the mirror.

  4. Keep you eyes shut while your head is pointing downward.

  5. Exhale slowly while starting your prayer:

    Say to yourself, “thank you, Lord God, thank you Mother Lord, thank you Mother Dear. Thank you for all of my loved ones. Please keep all good people safe and close to each other. I am sorry my thoughts, words and deeds are not always pure, kind and gentle. Help me to walk the Golden Road, (picture your being opens up and releases a Golden Road that goes up to the heavens at about a 45 degree angle) that leads into your arms and hold me tight. (Picture this happening.)

    When you give thanks sincerely, you develop a corresponding internal feeling. Keep this feeling inside while you say, “I’m sorry.” And again, you should develop another corresponding feeling inside you. Hold these feelings and as you say with sincerity, “Help me,” you should develop a third internal and corresponding feeling. Now, take these three feelings and crush them together, much like making a snow ball. You should develop a fourth feeling inside of you. This is a feeling of well being.

  6. Once you have completed this visualization, slowly exhale and snap your eyes open. Try to dilate your pupils as you glare into the mirror. Maintain this look for as long as possible.

  7. Release your grip on your legs and relax. Now hold this feeling.

  8. Look either into both of your eyes, your dominant eye, or in the center space between your eyes. Focus until your face darkens. The object is to see only your eyes and nothing else.

This is just the beginning of your journey.

Guy Savelli

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