Enigma Reflex

Many years ago, the first enigma of Kun Tao training was given to me in this example: If you put a dress shirt with only one button into the dryer and started the cycle, a fast and perceptive student could strike out at the exact moment the button randomly hit the sides of the dryer.

I spent many moments standing in front of that dryer, trying to execute a meaningful strike at the same moment I heard the button to no avail. It was not until years of pondering and failed attempts that I realized I could perceive the button noise with my blink blink reflex.

I understood that I could train my strikes to be as fast as the blink.. I began by throwing my strike (the whip) maybe four or five inches away from me as I tried to make it as fast as my blink. In time, I was able to increase the distance to the length of my arm. It was no easy task. Upon accomplishing my goal, I realized that anytime I blinked, I would have struck my opponent.

To demonstrate this, I pick a partner and have him stand ten feet away from me. I ask the spectators present to tell me what they see us doing. I tell my partner that he may move around or stand still. As he does so, I match my blink to his blink. No one is able to see what I am doing, but I am practicing perception and speed. And I am mentally striking.

You can practice this reflex anywhere and anytime. For example, if you were sitting in your living room with your mother, you could match your blink with any of her movements when she puts her feet down, moves her head, raises her hand, et cetera. You could practice when you are driving your car or walking match your blink to a singing bird, a car door closing, or any unexpected and unpredictable noise. You decide. Use your imagination and you can train your reflexes under any and all conditions.

There are hundreds of reflex training devices, and hundreds of different ways to train every part of your body and mind to fight.

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Guy Savelli

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