Kun Tao Experiments I

This is just one way we calibrate the results our trainees are striving to achieve when learning to incorporate the Mental/Spiritual into the Physical aspects of Survival Kun Tao. We separate Survival Kun Tao from Sport Kun Tao. There is no survival system of self-defense without training the Mental and Spiritual.

The trainee lying down is attached to an EEG machine. The trainee in white, standing, is a qualified physician. In an adjoining room another Kun Tao practitioner is striving to paranormally influence the results being registered here.

If you are interested in really knowing how you can train this way, please e-mail me.

Click here to see a  test conducted by the U.S. Military in which Master Savelli caused a goat to drop from a distance of 100 feet, using Survival Kun Tao.

Guy Savelli


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