Explosive Striking (Internal) I

To be able to hit an animal or a human effectively, i.e. to cause grievous harm, a Kuntaoist must think, visualize, and live a certain disciplined way.  They must also have a way, a means, a direction to apply these hits and have a calibration to measure the results of their efforts to ensure consistency in a lethal situation.  We are not going to elaborate on the  answers to the above mentioned problems.  We are going to start you on this particularly intensive Way by giving you something to ponder...

10 Explosive Striking Methods - Mind/Spirit Needed
  1. Lock Power Penetration Hitting
  2. Secret Sword Hitting
  3. Step-In Body Lock Hitting
  4. Poison Hand Hitting
  5. Whip Hitting (every direction)
  6. Touch Hitting
  7. Leopard Hitting
  8. Invisible Hitting
  9. Distance Hitting
  10. THE Mind Strikes
The first way Master Reeders taught me to explosively strike (internally)  was to "hit to break the blood vessels".

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Guy Savelli

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