Explosive Striking (Internal) III

For many of the college students this update may be the last one you can receive until school starts in the fall.  If you do not have access to a computer of your own, send your home address to us, and we will mail future updates to you, free of charge.  Anyone who is in this area this summer, feel free to visit us anytime.  We have always had an open door policy.  Please give us a couple of days notice and a return phone number to call you back, in case we are traveling ourselves, and maybe we can both rearrange our schedules to connect another time.  Our seminars this summer, in Tampa and up here, will explore Explosive Striking in depth, as well as covering the Spiritual Tornado.

On the very basic level of striking, you would never strike unless you absolutely know, a  priori, that you can strike where and when you want to.  Your intention could be multi-faceted, according to the individual circumstance and the degree of danger involved.

Basic Intentions of Huc Chung Kun Tao
  1. Your strike is preceded by projecting an image of impending doom  to the mind of your enemy, giving them a chance to graciously back away with dignity.  You have struck fear into their heart.
  2. To quickly and naturally explode with action in one of four ways.
    1. To render them unconscious without touching them.
    2. To incapacitate them with just a light touch.
    3. To shock their physiological system.
    4. Termination.

  1. Physical Conditioning for Explosive Striking is a composition of the following exercises:
    1. Isometric, isotonic, dynamic tension, aerobic, plyometric, and specificity. These are practiced in the following mediums;  water, sand, grass, trees, and air.
  2. Mental Conditioning.  Here are three examples of simple mental conditioning.
    1. Your leg is seen and believed a lance, not a leg.
    2. You see and use your body as a hydraulic press, not as arms and legs, raising and lowering.
    3. Reflex and Reactions.  Most everything we do has a reflex and reaction intention.
  3. Emotional. Here are two basic examples.
    1. You believe a loved one is standing behind you, and your enemy has to get through you first before attacking your loved one.
    2. You stare at a wall and get a feeling of fright.
  4. Spiritual.

    1. The spiritual has a series of exercises that involve physical action as well as thought and emotional concentration and suppression, that involve a constant striving for perfection.  The exercises are fairly indescribable in a short essay such as this.  But these exercises have to be as real as any of the preceding exercises.  The tangible result that you would see would be paranormal to most, but we call this combination of efforts and intentions Chi.

If you are interested in studying this system of striking, or if you want more  information, please email us.

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