Fear is the single most devastating complication that interferes in the execution of proactive professional movement in any martial art. To paraphrase a Russian martial artist, "to conquer fear one must have a perfect love of God and live accordingly." If you do not have a perfect love of God your senses will reel in the dust of the battlefield and you heart will be uncertain. You will not know your friends from your enemies and your blows will miss their target. In Huc Chung Kun Tao, fear is controlled by our firm and unshakable belief that through perfect prayer we can do whatever has to be done to survive, that the supernatural power of the Lord will work through us and save our loved ones. This belief and the accompanying results have a sincere basis in any and every martial art worldwide.

God says that through the belief of good deeds and the fear of God's retribution one avoids evil and we will be saved. Your strength will be ten fold. Nothing can defeat the power of the Lord. Anyone who has faced eminent danger and torture and has survived knows that this is true. Anyone who has experienced real pain knows how quickly you can be diminished to almost nothing - a child who cannot defend himself, let alone his loved ones. You need to be a spiritual fighter who will not falter in the face of a cruel and efficient fighter. A student must pay very strict attention and follow this system very carefully to accomplish the goal - to conquer fear. You only know that you are on the right path when you have conscious consistent paranormal results that you can show others - them being the judge.

To have these results, you must follow the commandments of God. The greatest and basis of all the commandments is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. You must know that God is watching you every moment - your thoughts, words and deeds. You must know with every fiber of your being that God can do anything if God wants to. Our job here on Earth, and the purpose of this system, is to get God to work consciously consistently through us.

Real self defense is: 1. our personal defense against our private drives and desires and our dark side; and 2. when our loved ones, as well as ourselves, get hurt or have a disease. We certainly need the power of the Lord to help us. This system gives you a way when you really don't have one. When you face a weapon at night, what do you do? How can you stop an attacker at a distance? Only the Lord has the answer. I can almost guarantee you results if you follow this way exactly.

The precepts I teach and explain in the spiritual program are as follows:

    1. Pick a special, pre-determined time to awake in the morning and train spiritually.
    2. Give thanks, say you are sorry, ask for forgiveness, and ask for help.
    3. Walk the Golden Road which leads to the arms of God until you see and feel a closeness and warmth that is beyond normal feeling.
    4. See the Lord enter you, turn around inside of you and look out your eyes so you can see the world as the Lord sees it.
    5. Say one good prayer all day long every day.
    6. Do the most you can with what you have to promote the well-being of all mankind all over the world.
    7. Strive to be known as a teacher of the spiritual who has paranormal results that others, who are objective judges, can see.
    8. Know that only by showing others and teaching them to have paranormal results of their own will they be able to grow and change.

Here are two more students who are following our way.


Guy Savelli

Dear Master Savelli,

I would like to personally thank you for your guidance, direction and instruction. As you are aware, my mother has not been feeling well for quite some time. About two months ago, she had several "mini" strokes, was in the hospital for a long time, and the doctors had given up on her. Before I had received the advanced correspondence course, I applied the formula that you taught me in the beginning course. Progressively, over a period of about a month, she started to regain her memory, stopped hallucinating, started eating, and walking with a walker. I used the formula exactly as you taught me. Today, my mom no longer uses the walker, walks several miles a day, and drives. The doctors said that they cannot "find any trace of a stroke", and that for an 81 year old woman, she is in remarkable condition.

Thank you so much, Your student for life


Dear Guy Savelli,

I have been doing the exercises from tapes 1&2, and 3&4 since I received your course. I am so happy because of what appears to have resulted in progress with regards to improved movement with less pain in my left hip, lower back, and leg. For about six or seven years now, I have been doing less physical exercise - due to pain - and more easy kinds of Chi Gong. I am amazed at the results in just two-to-three weeks. I have focused on your tapes. Prior to the last seven years, I had practiced for 15 years in the Bao Truyaen Vietnamese martial arts.

I have experimented with the mind exercises and have had positive results with eight out of eight attempts so far. The improvement in my physical movements gives me great hope! I am most appreciative! Your exercises, particularly the mind exercises, show me how often I had let my inner mental processes be somewhat scattered and how I often let myself be open and dominated by other people's energies. I feel a reorganization of my inner faculties - a new power being re-born and accepted in me. I had always been afraid of my own power, even when I overpowered someone, previously. Within the few weeks of study, I feel a significant improvement. I am really putting a lot of effort, focus, and concentration into these exercises. Just the other evening after practicing and experimenting with your suggested hand movements, I felt tremendous waves of heat and energy flowing from my hands and arms as I directed it. I was amazed and this is only the beginning.

I saw this card and thought of you. It is of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a church here where miracles happen. I even feel your presence as I think of you and I have no fear because we have an affinity with Him.

Sincerely, your new student,


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