Foot Pattern #1 - The Triangle

There are very, very few Kuntaoists who really know that the secret to survival lies in the development and integration of mental and spiritual training into the physical training. Most students believe in only the physical. Bak Sai (sp.), as Master Reeders called it, is one of those physical secrets. Bak Sai (sp.) is the continuous explosive overlapping elbow and knee spears, along with intricate footwork that we'll show at a later date. Another physical secret is being able to work your triangle. Here is one way to work your triangle. This is very basic, but a very effective way to get behind your enemy to be able to attack his back. We are showing only stepping here. You can jump, skip, hop, or drop to the ground as circumstances dictate. Remember, without mental and spiritual development, these physical exercises are only partially effective at best.

It is important, right from the start, your body starts to rotate counter-clockwise while you are stepping and spinning clockwise around your enemy.

  1. Right step straight ahead to A (fig. 2). Your left foot follows your right while you spin inwards without stopping to B (fig. 3) (in one motion your left foot goes in two different directions). You are now behind your enemy.
  2. Your right step at A follows your left step, but does not stop at B (fig. 3), it continues to fluidly move to C (fig. 4) without stopping (in one motion, your right foot moves in two different directions).
  3. Your left foot at B (fig. 4) now duplicates its original stepping pattern and end up at D (fig. 5). Your right step, C (fig. 4), ends up at D also. You are where you started (fig. 6).

Note: The Diamond is two triangles. We start from all directions, not just the one shown. We sometimes reverse and re-reverse our directions. We also have not included hand and elbow motions that will come at a later time also.

Good Luck

Guy Savelli


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