Foot Pattern #3

Master Reeders expected those of us who were training in Kun Tao to have a functioning intellect when we were shown this foot pattern. The normal non-thinking student would just follow what he was shown. He would jump around a square that has a triangle in the center; or start jumping from a square to a diamond, one foot at a time. In reality, you should jump with both feet in the air at the same time -- bringing your knees up to your chest without raising your head. Your knees not only protect your lower body as you jump, but you can land on your enemy instantly taking him down to the ground. You land stomping him to the ground while staying upright so you can continue to stomp his various body parts without exposing your vital areas. In case of counter-attack, you stomp very quickly and continuously until the end. The difference of moving this way is that with practice you will not only be able to jump back and forth on these diamonds, but you will also be able to jump backwards and land on the same foot pattern as originally shown here, going to the left and as well as to the right. By looking at this configuration you (the thinking student) should realize the whole world is comprised of diamonds, squares, circles and the such. You should start moving with the six foot diameter triangle as the norm and you work it down to a one foot diameter triangle as shown in the last figure. When you get to this small triangle, you have to move as a monkey does -- right foot crossing over the left foot or vice versa for very close encounters. The last figure is an advancement which we will show you later. It is a transition from running around a circle and around your opponent so the Kun Tao student can dart in using an invisible change step to keep from getting hit while not breaking stride to continue running and fighting laterally in any direction.

Guy Savelli


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