Foot Patterns #4 and #5

Here are two more foot patterns that will help you to outflank an enemy that has a weapon. The fastest way to neutralize anyone, except for using your mind and spirit, is to outflank them. You must change your enemy's perceptions. To do that you must be so deceptive that no one will recognize your attack or defense until it is deftly accomplished. These foot patterns can be utilized either when you are standing still waiting for the attack, or when you are moving. Like most foot patterns, there are many variations. The triangular foot pattern is utilized in the following manner. Run to the right, jump in with your left hit, foot switch while hitting with your right up and down, and end up running to your left without breaking stride. In the second foot pattern, which is a square pattern, it is possible to change from the square into a triangular moving kicking pattern if necessary. Both of these combinations and others are covered more completely in the advanced correspondence course as well as the advanced spiritual/mental/physical correspondence course. Good luck, Guy.



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