The Freeze

We call the ability to disable, blank, or cloud an aggressor's mind The Freeze. There are several levels of this ability. This is the first level of Huc Chung Kun Tao, as taught to me by Master Willem Reeders. When you can cloud an aggressor's mind to the extent of complete or total disability so they cannot move, pull the trigger of a firearm, etc., you have achieved this level. You would need to be here with me or purchase personal and exclusive videotapes to master this skill. Here are comments from two students who came here to learn this past weekend:

"On April 29, 2001, I successfully accomplished The Freeze. After working on other mind exercises, I had the opportunity to work with two other students on the freeze--Brandon, a new student, and Mike, a senior student. With Mike as the attacker, Brandon and I successfully moved on Mike without him being able to start or complete his intention of shooting us with a dart gun. We were able to repeat this several times. Brandon, wanting to experience The Freeze from the attacker's point of view, stepped in against me. To his amazement, I moved in on him, and he was unable to do it." Greg Chambers. (To verify this communication call (216) 390-3761.)

"I came to Kirtland, Ohio from Allentown, Pennsylvania to investigate the Kun Tao abilities of Master Guy Savelli. I had first purchased his correspondence lessons and book. Prior to that, my experience and investment includes a collection of approximately 300 instructional tapes and approximately $25,000 invested in travel, equipment, and private lessons and seminars. I have trained in several styles and have met personally with several of the instructors who routinely advertise in the martial arts magazines. After spending the day in a regular class, I was invited to learn some of the true secrets that have eluded people who have trained for decades. I, myself, have trained for l3 years steadily. Master Savelli took out a dart gun and had me stand in front of a senior student with my back to him. He shot the dart the first two times after Master Savelli explained the technique of The Freeze. After just a few minutes, I was able to mentally stop the senior student from pulling the trigger and was able to casually turn around and take the gun away. I am in no special physical condition and am, in fact, dealing with a chronic health problem. I have never had an instructor who could deliver immediate, tangible results before today. To verify this communication, you may call me at (610) 847-7828." Brandon Krith, April 29,2001

The Freeze starts with staring at a wall while maintaining a feeling of fright. Fright is the main ingredient, the basis for almost all Kun Tao training - a frightened practitioner is automatically five times stronger than normal. After working, developing, and integrating this frightened feeling, you learn to work the candle, the wall, and the mirror until you are changed into a Kun Tao practitioner with paranormal abilities. This training is started in our Intermediate and Advanced Correspondence Course. Consistency in these programs is developed through training with our Spiritual Healing and Personal Development Program.


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