Under Master Reeders the concept of attacking the fright was paramount. A Kun Tao practitioner must have conquered the fear of death long before they are attacked or before they can defend themselves efficiently. If your mind is focused on yourself and your well being, you cannot move effectively because of inner mental, spiritual, and emotional friction. To paraphrase an old saying that I personally use and write about in my book, Secrets of Huc Chung Kun Tao:

In a knife or any other lethal encounter you may be forced to defend against, the slightest concern for one's own safety will weaken any defense and create an opening for the opponent. The essence of fighting consists in giving yourself up all together to the business of striking down the opponent. This way of thinking leads one to devote his mind to sensing that ever so quick surprise attack and perceives the moves of the attacker. Fear and tension only inhibit this ability. Only the clear-minded practitioner can ever hope to achieve what is analogous to seeing one's opponent's image in a pond of clear water. The slightest permeation of fear and anxiety into one's mind is akin to pebbles being thrown into the water distorting the image of your adversary, for to fear is not to believe, and without faith, there is only defeat waiting for you. You have to be naturally fluid and nimble mentally and physically. Fear and tension will only impair your performance. Anxiety prevents complex functioning. Under great stress, you become less able to separate the really dangerous and lethal attack from the fake and deceptive tactics that set you up for the finish. Clearly, fear and anxiety spells sudden death for you

The most important aspect of attacking the fright is that it tends to cause a self-hypnotic state-of-mind to come over you and your attacker simultaneously, leaving your attacker momentarily open to defeat without having the ability to defend himself.


Guy Savelli

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