The Basis for Huc Chung

{Through meditation one can do whatever has to be done}

Love the Lord with your whole heart and soul. Know you have to work with the Lord, that that is your calling in this life and that you will be needed here to help the Lord in this life for whatever is going to happen and you know something is going to happen to change life as we know it. This is what I have always known:

  1. Love your neighbor as yourself.
  2. Know that whatever you do for the least of the people you meet, you do for the Lord.
  3. Always strive for perfection.
  4. Never have a sense of security.
  5. Never have a sense of self preservation.
  6. Ask the Lord to help you to help yourself so that you may help others, and then do just that, then the Lord will bless you, listen to your secret desires, and have mercy on your soul.
  7. Kinds of Healing
    1. Thru the Lord
    2. Using a healing questionnaire
    3. The touch
    4. Visualization
    5. Empathy
    6. Thru manifestation
    7. Thru light beams from the eyes.
    8. Distance

Healing Visualization Techniques

Part One

The secret is to pray as hard as you can - as if everything in this world depends on your God; and work as hard as you can - as if everything in this world depends on you.

The start of your Personal Prayer:

Thank you
I'm sorry
Ask for help

  1. Give thanks to whomever you give thanks to, for whatever reasons.

  2. Say that you are sorry for whatever you have to be sorry for, and vow to change the way you live and think - to be more in sync with your God's mind and purity.

  3. Ask for help as if you are drowning and a person is walking by. You have only one chance to call out, or all is lost.

Part Two

Phase One

  1. Identify your attack area and what it looks like if you have to explain it to someone else.

  2. Through visualization, recognize what it is doing to you.

  3. Conclude what has to be done to stop this attack.

Phase Two


Can you "see" a bus going up the street?
What color is it?
Is it two-dimensional, or three-dimensional?
Can you "see" yourself in the bus?

If you cannot "see" the bus, can you "see" your wife/husband at home?

If not, can you "see" a person sitting next to you?


  1. Picture the sun.

  2. Picture the sun's rays shining on you.

  3. Feel the warmth of the sun's rays.

  4. Picture a funnel that goes from the outside to the inside of you.

  5. Picture the sun's rays shining through the funnel to the attack area inside of you.

  6. Feel the warmth entering your body.

  7. Direct the warmth to the area that you want attacked.

  8. Attack the area.


  1. Picture the Lord.

  2. Picture beams of light coming from the Lord, shining into you.

  3. Feel the warmth of the light.

  4. Same as #7 above.

  5. Same as #8 above.

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