Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung

"The Secret Sacred Science of the Mind". Westerners usually cannot grasp this concept, maybe because they have a myopic religious belief. Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung practitioners know that all things are possible to do on command in this life if there is a great need and belief coupled with the accountability of how we live. Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung practitioners believe the secret of working with that omni-present and all powerful power is to correlate the sacred intentions of man with the eternal intentions of God. Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung practitioners believe the reason of all human existence is to glorify God by showing others that they too have that power within them. Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung practitioners know only with being able to show tangible paranormal results can others believe in this concept. They strive for a perfectly accountable life so as to show non-believers results attributed to a God power working through them. If non-believers can see paranormal tangible results they may believe it is possible to also have paranormal powers to enhance their earthly life and have peace of mind. Unfortunately, religious belief can confine people to one type of prayer, when in reality we are all joined by the same power. Until you realize this, you cannot advance past the physical and mental plateau you will not be able to perform the extra-ordinary feats that can be consistently accomplished. The Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung concepts are concepts that the western mind has a difficult time understanding mostly because these concepts are not really taught to westerners. Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung have been Muslim and Buddhist techniques cloaked in secrecy for centuries. Anyone who is not born in their religion was excluded from this training. For the first time, here on this website, it is being introduced. Master Reeders told me he was a Zen Buddhist Priest, so I was privy to the training and I believe all westerners should have the chance to learn this precious secret training. Master Reeders told me most students would not be able to understand the training. Those who have taken the time to incorporate the training in their lives have all had extraordinary results.

This kind of training is in the Spiritual Training Correspondence Course .


Guy Savelli

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