The Secret of Internal Power

Part One of Five (Basic Understanding)

There are several ways to develop inner power. The problem is to be able to “keep it”. To be able to not only consciously call upon it, but to have this inner power work at a distance. You not only want to have it work when you need it, but when you consciously don’t have time to call upon it. This developed power kicks in during a time of need when or before you “know” you need it. For the rest of your life.

All internal ways have the same foundation. It just depends who is teaching you. Only a teacher who has had and can always have the results you need can really teach you. The spiritual development of each student is paramount to having conscious or unconscious results. It is said: “If you live right there is no room for death to enter you, until you decide to die.” (Chinese Proverb)

Some basic principles are:
  1. Try to live as your God wants you to live.

        A.   Try to match your mind with your God’s mind.
        B.   Try to match your purity with your God’s purity.
        C.   Try to match your steps with the steps your God wants you to take everyday.

  2. You have to work as hard as you can everyday believing that everything that happens in this life depends upon your actions and intentions. At the same believe that when you work as hard as you can, everything that happens is because of the strength of your belief that God controls everything that happens.

  3. Always give thanks to God and ask for help knowing the way will be made for you better than you can make it yourself.

  4. You have to visualize every day constantly as if your God is looking out your eyes and is guiding you.

  5. You have to strive for perfection everyday.

        A.   Starting to do something you have to do everyday – but you don’t want to.
        B.   Stopping from doing something each day you don’t want to, but only you know you should.

  6. Know that anything that controls you defeats you.

Perfect love of God allows us to achieve paranormal results. Anything that you really believe you can or should do is possible with God’s help.

This is what I understand to be true for anyone no matter what their belief. This is the basis of my teachings and my students' results.

Look at my results. If you have any questions please email me at

Guy Savelli

Part 2 next week: Breathing and Eye exercises.

“From the physical you learn the spiritual.”
Mrs. Hazel Ford

“Huc Chung is the highest form – The Mind Stops.”
Willem Reeders

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