Iron Palm I

In Huc Chung, the iron palm is done with a coordination of physical hand strikes coupled with the use of the mind. The five traditional hand strikes used are:

  1. The whole cupped hand
  2. The finger tips
  3. The knife edge
  4. The bottom edge of the palm
  5. The back of the hand

Here is the start. First, make a striking bag by cutting a pair of men's jeans off at the upper thigh. Make a second cut at the knee of the leg of pants you just cut. Sew one end of those cut off jeans shut. Fill that space with six to eight bags of split peas (or a comparable bean). Sew the open end shut also, so that the enclosed peas/beans are completely self contained. You should now have about a twelve inch long by six inch wide by three to five inch thick bag to work on. Place the striking bag on a support placed waist high lengthwise facing you. Raise your hand to just about the top of your head, palm down and horizontal to the striking bag. Now look at the bag and let your hand gravity drop, the hand leading the arm down to strike the bag. Turn your hand when dropping it so your hand strikes the bag perpendicular to your body when it lands. Your hand always gravity drops to strike the bag, using the natural weight of your arm only for each and every different strike. You strike the bag five times with each of the five traditional hand strikes mentioned above. In one session you will do a total of twenty-five strikes, one right after the other. Each strike starts with your hand held above your head, with you looking at the hand. You continue to follow each strike until your hand completely strikes the bag, striking it with your mind also. Now raise your hand above your head and start again. After your twenty-five strikes are finished, go to a water basin filled about one-third of the way with warm water. Submerge the hand you just used for striking. Now start a slow steady bead of very hot water into water your hand is in. -WARNING-Be Careful that the water is not scalding hot. Our purpose is not to test your pain quotient or injure you in any way. Slowly swirl your hand palm down going sometimes clockwise and sometimes counterclockwise in the water. Visualize and imagine your hand glowing and emitting beams of light, energy constantly flowing out fingers of your hand. Do this until the water is as hot as the beginning of the original stream of hot water you started with. The energy swirls in your mind, travels to your hand, and goes outward, released into the water. Take your hand out of the water and whip your hand until air dried. Do this whole procedure three times a day for one-hundred continuous days. No herbs or liniments are ever needed to protect or condition your hand when you use Huc Chung.

Watch for Iron Palm II

Guy Savelli

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