Secret Kun Tao Kicking

There are several methods and several stages a student has to be accomplished in to have a decent kick.

For power you need:

1. "Pole Kicking" - single, double, and step in (isometric and isotonic).
2. "Cannon Kicking" where you go against an opponents mind as well as his body.
3. The right place and the right intensity to be used on a human opponent.
4. The speed calibration.

We will start you on point three here: If you are walking or running away from your opponent and your left foot is stepping, your right foot comes up on a 45 degree angle to your right at an attacker who is attacking you from your right side. You hit the opponent in the connection where the hip and the thigh bone meet, which will immediately bend him over. You simultaneously step down as well as into that leg - driving your opponent downward to his butt. You literally step on him and stay on him as he/she hits the ground - you have already continuously struck them in their neck/head/eye areas while doing the stepping. If there is any resistance left in your opponent you can start to stomp repeatedly on various parts of him, finishing the job. Now remember, this is just the start - next time we will go on.


Guy Savelli

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