Secret Kun Tao Movement #3

In all Kun Tao systems, the object of movement is to be in the most advantageous position to neutralize your enemy's options for either his attack or defense. We strive to be behind our attacker's back. We can do the most damage to him from here. We start from any position, as we never know for certain where we will be in relation to our enemy: sitting, standing, lying down, and so forth. We never know for sure what time we will be attacked, be it morning or nighttime; nor do we know what we will be doing: jogging, shopping in the store, stopped sitting in our car, etc. As we get out of the way of the attack, we strive to always move quickly behind him. From our attackers back, we jump in the air and simultaneously wrap our legs around his back, thereby effectively pinning his arms to the sides of his body. As we do this, we grab and tear his throat with our right hand, and close the enemy's airway by pinching his nose and compressing his mouth shut. Now he cannot breathe. We spin the enemy's body around to disorient and distract his mind. As our enemy starts to hit the ground, we loosen our legs so they slide down between his legs, trapping him. By now our attacker should be through. If not, we continue on. We let him lie there.

We are finished with this technique.

This kind of training is in the advanced course and for 30 days you can order it for $350.


Guy Savelli

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