Secret Kun Tao Movement #4

If you were trained in the old school of Kun Tao (Cuntao) you trained first in the physical, then the mental and lastly in the spiritual. The symbol:

is known as "The Brotherhood of the Three" (physical, mental, spiritual). The combatants who learned this way then took a blood oath and swore not to teach others outside their circle. Master Reeders stood out as a teacher as he broke that oath to introduce The Brotherhood of the Three to a select few. Any and all Asians who were born in Asia know this to be true.

The first physical hit is Lock Power Hitting. The first physical kick is Cannon Kicking. The first physical movement is to have your hips lead your body. The first foot pattern is a side to side movement. The first mental training is to stare at a wall and get a feeling of fright. The first spiritual training is to be humble, contrite, and to care for others.

Here is the first meaningful foot pattern I learned from Master Reeders you can find all of the rest of my Kun Tao training by following the videos.


Guy Savelli  


To begin this movement, you lead with the right foot, turning your body 360 degrees at each position.


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