Leprason (sp) #1 (Tiger Ripping)

In 1964 Master Reeders told me that sometimes you have to actually kill a man to break a hold he may have on you.  He gave me an exercise to accomplish this task. It is as follows:

  1. Two men face each other with traditional gi's on.  One grabs the lapels, about chest high on the other and would NEVER let go unless an extraordinary power or pressure had been exerted on his arms.  The man whose lapels were grabbed torques to his right in position 3 ready to start the exercise. He then tries to break the hold by torquing to his left 180 degrees, swirling his forearms perpendicular to the ground and attempts to go through the arms holding him, like a knife goes through hot butter.  Only one very quick motion is used here - there is no intention to sustain pressure or punish the arms.  If the man does not let go immediately, the criteria to pass this Orange Sash test has not been met.
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Guy Savelli


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