Leprason (sp) II - The Mental

As in Touch Sensitivity, you can only do the physical exercise or you can work on the mental, too. Here in Leprason #2 (sp), your objective is to let your opponent know, without a shadow of a doubt, that great physical and mental pain is imminent if they continue to hold on to you. One method I use is to picture and believe I am a hot electric generator about to explode with deadly power. I know I am about to break the bones of the arms and fingers holding my jacket (and I really will do this). The explosion quickly starts in my head, is instantly transmitted to my waist, feet, arms, and neck. I violently torque with every ounce of power I possess. The result, if done correctly, is an instant release of me by my opponent.

Watch for Leprason (sp) Part III The - The Spiritual Insertion
Guy Savelli


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