"The Mind Strikes" is said to be the highest form of Kun Tao, and although there are many ways to train your mind, none of them can in itself train your mind by itself to accomplish some independent action that you can do consciously, consistently.

All bona fide Masters of Martial Arts know they must be able to "contact" another person/persons mind to either:

  1. Restrict or inhibit their actions by letting their opponent "know" the proposed move (attack) will not, cannot work. This is accomplished in a "flash" of projected energy. Consequently, your opponent (enemy) does not move or think of moving towards you. They only want to get away. They become very submissive, suddenly.


  2. By knocking the opponent's mind out, that is, by or through the use of a more intense flash of energy it is possible to totally paralyze an enemy/opponent from moving (ie. pull the trigger of a pistol, strike a sharp object or knife,etc.). This "style" is what all Martial Artists should strive to achieve, but until now, no Master would reveal this way - so stay tuned - from here the secrets will be revealed.

To start, here are two minor ways-

1. How to make a person forget when you want them to forget.

  • A. Make a conscious decision to make some particular person forget the answer to a question you are going to ask them.

  • B. Then you must set the stage. Pick a person that you talk to most everyday, let's say that person is your wife, and you know that your wife talks to her mom most every night. You know you are going to ask your wife, "Hi, did you talk to your mom last night?" While you are asking that question, simultaneously inside of you, you get a firm feeling that when you want her to forget her answer, she will.

  • C. After you ask the above question, you then ask her, "Well, what did your mom say?" This is the important point - Inside your head you scream, "NOOOOO, you can't remember; You can't remember!" If your wife hesitates here and hesitates again and exasperatedly says, "Golly, I can't remember," you have accomplished your first conscious mental task of stopping her mind from knowing an answer she should know, at a particular time you designate.

  • 2. How to call a person who does not know in advance to come from another room to where you are, at a particular time you designate. An example is:

    Let's say your wife is upstairs and you are downstairs. You do not know what she is doing and it really doesn't matter.

    A. Picture (in your mind) your wife (upstairs) is walking away from you, so in your mind you only see the back of her head. You do not know if she is really walking away from you and it really does not matter.

    B. Mentally command her to turn around and look at you while she is still upstairs (you need a feeling of urgency here). When (in your mind) she turns and looks at you, so that you now see her face looking at you intently, she has turned around and is now (visualized in your head) facing you.

    C. You then command her (mentally) with a very intense feeling that she must come to where you are - she really has to, you really need her (ie. you would say in your head to your wife or friend or whomever, "You have to come where I am. I really need to see you.") You need a strong conviction that you absolutely know she is coming to see you.

    When she comes to where you are, you have accomplished another mental task that will lead you to the highest form.

    We believe that to be able to present mental and spiritual exercises to the martial arts world, we must first have solid documentation from bona fide research facilities. With this in mind, Master Guy Savelli has been tested consistently for the last 19 years. A list of these facilities is as follows:

    Duke University and Medical Center, Dunham, NC 1976-1980

    Psychical Research Center, NY, NY 1982

    Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, TX 1982-1987

    JFK University, CA 1987

    Fort Bragg, NC (Animal Lab), May/July 1989

    Pet Hospital, Willoughby, OH, December 15, 1990

    Published results and other specific readings are in

    Research in Parapsychology, 1985, Scarecrow Press

    Endorsement of Col. Nick Rowe, author of "Five Years to Freedom", 1985

    Journal of Parapsychology, 1986

    Reflex/Reaction Game, Special Operations Training Manual, February 1988

    The Warrior's Edge, Colonel John B. Alexander, 1990

    Parma, OH, Law Director, 1990

    Mind Over Matter, Auerbach, 1996 (will be published in July 1996)

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