Mental Visualization and Objective of Huc Chung

  1. Visualization of perfect physical movement.

  2. Visualization of another person or animal inside of you.
  3. Visualization of a machine inside of you.
  4. Visualization of a deceased person--i.e. as a very strong ethereal power protecting or strengthening you--i.e. your mom or dad is an angel.
  5. Visualization of a direct connection of power, speed, and protection flowing from the supreme divine power directing, healing, and protecting you.
Naturally there are conditions and a corresponding training program needed to activate the more advanced of the above visualizations.
  1. On a very basic level, to visualize perfect physical movement one only has to be able to visualize correctly.

  2. When you get to visualize another person, animal, or machine inside or outside of you, you need to cultivate a stronger belief system.
  3. When visualizing a personal angel etc. you need to cultivate a much stronger belief system than in II.
  4. When visualizing a direct connection with the supreme divine power you need not only a different but a consciously active system to live, which will give you a supernatural feeling. We call this the gestation and nurturing of your inner warrior.

When you know and live with a realization and consistent lifestyle of giving, not receiving; serving others without an ulterior motive of being served or adored and resisting the feeling of self preservation over the betterment of all of mankind, you have reached the threshold of your search for the inner warrior.


Stand aside in the coming battle, and though you fight-you are not the warrior.

Look for the warrior and let him fight in you.

Take his orders for battle and obey them.

Obey him not as though he were a general, but as though he is in you and his spoken words were the utterance of your secret desires. For he is you, yet infinitely wiser and stronger than you. Look for him, else in the fever and hurry of the fight, you may pass him; and he will not know you unless you know him. If your cry reaches his listening ear, then will he fight in you and fill the dull void within. And if this is so, only then can you go through the fight cool and unwearied, standing aside and letting him do battle for you. Then it will be impossible for you to strike one blow amiss. But if you don't look for him; if you pass him by; then there is no safeguard for you...your brain will reel your heart grow uncertain, and in the dust of the battlefield your sight and senses will fail, and you won't know your friends from your enemies. He is you--but you are finite and liable to error. He is eternal and is sure. He is eternal truth. When once he has entered you and become your warrior, he will never completely desert you and will become one with you.

Then you can stand upright, strong as a rock among all hassles. You don't have to worry about being beaten, just listen to the warrior, unconcerned EXCEPT TO DO HIS BIDDING having no worry about the final result of the battle or of being beaten. FOR ONLY ONE THING IS IMPORTANT THAT THE WARRIOR SHALL WIN AND YOU KNOW HE IS INCAPABLE OF DEFEAT.

Guy Savelli

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