Continuing Secrets of Movement

    Ballet dancers work on the natural grace and structure of their hands.  So too does the Kuntaoist.  Our hands have a natural and graceful tension that belies our training.  We strive to look naturally powerful and graceful all of the time.  We work on keeping our muscles  and nerves honed and ready for explosive action.  Our bodies, when moving, move as one total locked in mass turning like a cylinder, always torquing naturally.  The following process is the start of moving this way.

    All of us move naturally quick and explosively when we touch a sharp or hot object by accident.  The use of this example as a training tool is important.  By visualizing and reliving the accidental touch described previously and consciously working on our hands like a ballet dancer does, you can take this reflex and make it into a consciously controlled system.   Raise your hands face high and bend them at a 90 degree angle at your wrist so as you can look down at the back of your hands (palms facing the floor).  Loosely straighten your knuckles and relive the touch of the sharp or hot object, being aware of the feeling of surprise and shock at that moment.  Look at your hands, see the natural formation and structure that occurs at that moment.  Drop your hands to your side and move throughout the day being aware of the feeling of that quick and explosive movement.  Naturally work this feeling throughout your whole body so it is totally responsive to any dangerous stimulus.  This "look" will be obvious to anyone that observes how you move or how ready you are.

Guy Savelli

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