In the martial arts there are a few vague ways to professionally train your reactions to be as spontaneous as your reflexes. One of our better ways is to use your mind, such as through internal visualization with imagination and emotions. If you are interested in visualization techniques contact us and we will explain this process to you.

Basically, you can learn one of two ways-

  1. To really experience an event, or
  2. To imagine an event to the extent that it is really real and happening to you.

Your mind cannot distinguish the difference. We call the end result of this "Reactions Without Cognition."

Two Reaction Training Exercises are-

1. Head Butt Reaction/Reflex

A. Make a staff with a pad on it to simulate an opponent's head (illustration).

B. From two feet away, one opponent (no. 2) tries to grab the "head" while moving his body forward. He tries to head butt the simulated head before it is pulled away. The opponent (no. 1) jerks the simulated head away from no. 2 as soon as there is any movement at all.

2. Elbow Reaction/Reflex

Two opponents stand relaxed, front facing each other, separated by about three feet. One opponent (no. 1) holds the same staff as in the previous exercise, poised to strike no.2 in the midsection of his body. No.2 tries (in one motion) to raise his elbow up and then back down, across the center of his body, deflecting the staff before he is hit.

To further help you, here are two ways that should be intertwined as part of the above exercises

  1. Shout the sound "DI" as crisply as you can, suddenly. Your sound should lead the hit to the target just as suddenly as you shouted it. Your strike should be simultaneous with the sound.

  2. Use a sudden look. First, look down, then suddenly look up at the target area. Your strike should hit the target area simultaneously with your look!

  3. Every exercise should have an objective calibration that each student can understand. Should you want a further calibration to the above and other exercises, see our ordering blank.

Every week we will have a new Reflex/Reaction Exercise.

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