Speed Reflex I

The most valuable asset a student can acquire in Kun Tao or any fighting art is the element of speed.  To move faster than an enemy can perceive or see is probably the single most desirable trait you can acquire and keep.  If any enemy knows he or she is going to be struck no matter how they try to avoid it is reason enough to move away and stay away from any deadly confrontation.  Here are (only) four ways to cultivate this power.

    1. Tonic Neck
    2. The Slap

    3. A. Your Chest
      B. Your Knee
    4. Your Voice
    5. Your Voice in your head

  1. Tonic Neck Reflex

  2. You stand looking straight ahead.  Your target is on your right, face high.  You loosen you head and neck by swinging them side to side 180 degrees. After your head and neck have loosened up, you stare straight ahead. When you are ready, have a friend hold a target glove arms length away from you face high directly to your right.  Quickly and suddenly snap your head to the target and back (180 degrees).  You should be able to snap your head completely to your right or left and back before your friend can move the target glove.  After you have completed this task successfully, coordinate your striking hand so when your head snaps to the right, and before it snaps back to your left, you have succeeded in hitting the target glove before it can be moved out of your range. 

  3. The Slap
    1. Slap your left hand across to your right chest as far as you can reach and slap yourself.  At the same time (while blocking the area) you impact yourself, you strike the same target as in the Tonic Neck Reflex with your right hand.  You coordinate your right hand to strike the target glove as fast as your left hand slaps your chest. You develop the speed of the left hand first.
    2. Starting in the same position, you slap your right knee as its rising up to throw a snap kick at a target glove three feet away from the front of you.  As fast as you slap your hand to your knee, you kick the target glove. 

  4. Your Voice

  5. The setup is the same as in speed drill number 1, except you must yell a very fast sound, (i.e. say "DA")  faster and before your opponent can move the target that he's holding on your right side.  One you can hit the target with your voice, so to speak, you coordinate your hand to strike as fast as that sound. 

  6. Your Voice in Your Head

  7. You do the same as in three, except you scream in your head, not out loud.  First you should do the sudden shout or scream out loud so that you can do the scream in your head effortlessly and effectively.
Watch for Speed Reflex II…Coming Soon - Fighting Foot Patterns and Hypnotic Mind Control
Guy Savelli

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