Results of Huc Chung Kun Tao

A martial art is supposed to enhance every aspect of your life. These are just a few more people that have taken this course and have had results right away.

When you combine the Spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of the training and do it exactly as its taught you should have fairly immediate results.

Anyone who has ever started the Correspondence Course and anyone who orders now can come here and train free, privately, with me, to make sure they are getting it right. Contact me to arrange this.


Guy Savelli

Dear Master Guy Savelli,

I would like to thank you for your untiring effort to help people like myself. About six months ago I ordered your course in the hopes to learn more martial arts. At the time I was working as a Deputy Sheriff and was at the proverbial “end of my ropes”. I started to practice the spiritual exercises given by you in the tapes and lo and behold things started to change for me. I was at a point in my life where I had contemplated suicide in many occasions because I saw no reason to live. Thanks to your teachings and faith in a higher being I too now believe in a higher being who some call God. I no longer feel like taking my life or harming myself. Your teachings have saved my life and I think you for it and I hope other who are also in dire need for spiritual help will open their eyes and give your teachings a try. Thank God I did.

Best wishes,

S. L.

"Train Everyday Like Today You Might Need It..."

"...because today, maybe you will. If you don't believe me, read the newspaper. It happens all the time."

I heard Master Savelli say this and I thought, "That's true. People get attacked all of the time. I know someone who woke up with a bad stomach ache to find out later she had cancer." It made sense to me, yet I didn't train that way. "It happens all the time, but it won't happen to me," I thought. For some reason, though, about three months ago something clicked in my head. I woke up and thought, "today I might need this. I'd better train." So from that day on, I trained everyday - physically, mentally and spiritually. Some days, I did a lot. Some days, I didn't. But I trained everyday. Thankfully, I didn't need it in the past three months. I would've never thought I needed it last weekend. Now I see why you train every day.

My sister's five-month-year-old daughter is an angel. She's sweet and is always laughing or smiling, so when my sister asked me to drive with her to Chicago last weekend to watch the baby while she performed, I thought nothing of it and agreed. Saturday, my sister was to be gone most of the day, at least 10 hours. The day started out fine. The baby and I played, and she was happy. After about three hours, the baby started to get a little cranky, so I decided to use some of the mental techniques I learned in the correspondence courses to try to put her to sleep. That worked like a charm and I thought, "cool! I must have done that right!" The baby slept for three hours and when she woke up, she was her happy self again. I fed her and we played but after about three hours, she got cranky again. I decided to try to use the mental training I received when all of a sudden, the baby started to scream and cry. I had never heard anything like it before. I was scared. I tried to use the mental training, but I couldn't even focus. The baby started crying louder (I didn't know it was possible), and I was terrified. I thought she was going to die. I thought she was crying hard enough to stop herself from breathing. I didn't know what to do. I was desperate. I remembered the spiritual training and had just watched the first batch of tapes from the advanced course. Some of the things Master Savelli said in those tapes flashed through my mind. The only thing I could do was concentrated on the formula I had been taught and trained consistently with over the past three months. Within 15 seconds of my effort, the baby immediately stopped crying and went into a deep sleep. She was sleeping so soundly and it happened so suddenly that for a second I though my effort had failed and that she had stopped breathing. It truly was a miracle. I was so happy and relieved that I started to cry.

I am so grateful to Master Savelli and I am so thrilled that the training I received through the correspondence courses paid off. I don't know what I would have done had it not been for Master Savelli and the knowledge and support he provides. Thank you so much, sir.


Julie S.

For 25 of my 35 years I have been intrigued by the martial Arts, earning my first black belt by age 14 and a second by age 20, two different styles, but both very redundant in technique. I gave up on training when I realized what I was looking for was not taught, and was mostly denied by both Asian and American martial arts instructors alike.

I refer to the Huc Chung, the secret science of the mind, though at the time I did not know the proper name for this, I did know that there was a secret to the success of Asian fighters. After traveling to many schools, observing classes, and interviewing instructors and high ranking students, I found that the arts were all the same, 200 or so techniques, all based of the same 5 moves, this was not for me, I had already done this, and saw no reason to start up again.

I settled on Muy Thi fighting, I did find this highly combative, and quite abusive on the body, however I did enjoy the challenge and had some very successful fights.

It was at one of these such fights, I saw some thing that I knew had existed, but was denied, an Asian fighter found himself in a losing battle with a very young, strong, and lightening fast American fighter, I knew due to the age and physical condition of the Asian he couldn’t win, but then in a split second, it seemed, fire shot from his eyes and the American froze long enough for the Asian to simply touch him on the chest, at this the American dropped to the mat out cold. Now, I thought, this is what I am searching for, of course the Asian denied any such “non sense” and passed this off as a lucky shot.

Again I searched for the answer, and the proof of such things, and again I was denied.

I began to search the internet, reading of Dim Mak, and the secrets of the Shaolin, which of course are never divulged, and only passed off as Hollywood stunts, or ancient religious practices of days gone by.

Enter, Master Guy Savelli, referred to me by a close friend who I had confided in about my search.

After one meeting with Guy, I knew I had the chance to find what I was searching for in years past, and the opportunity and challenge to possibly learn this secret science of the mind.

Training on the physical level is great, however the knock down drag out fight is something I want to avoid, being in my mid 30s and having beat my body up in my youth I focused on mental and spiritual training, first and physical training second.

However I do have some preferred moves taught to me by master Savelli.

In the job that I have, the verbal and emotional attacks of people must be met with a special form of self defense, and arguing or physical confrontation are not an option in most cases.

Thus the proof, after reading much of Master Savelli’s material and soaking in his every word in class lectures I began to practice mind fighting, but with no real opponent I was not sure if I could use my mind the way Master Savelli can.

Enter the real opponent; on a recent business trip in which I was conducting a technical training seminar an Asian official of the company that hired me to conduct the training seminar met me in complete dislike.

I was informed that he did not care much for outsiders and felt threatened by those who possessed any knowledge of any thing he didn’t.

I knew I had to have good relations with this person and that evening I set my mind to correcting this problem.

I prayed and meditated until I got a picture in my mind of this person and myself socializing, and being friends.

The next day I saw this person from a distance, and focused on him, I got the picture in my mind from the night before and repeated in my head “we will be friends “

After several repetitions of this, this person stopped, removed his eyeglasses and rubbed his eyes almost violently.

It was only after he righted himself, and continued on his way he noticed me off in the corner, at that he said “hey its my friend, how are you this fine morning?”

Later in the day we found ourselves alone in the executive lounge, he asked, “ how long have you been training?” I told him how long I worked for my company, he said “I ask again, how long have you been training?” but this time he made a hand gesture on the conference table that resembled the hands of Kun Tao, I replied “Oh that, only a year or so.“ He looked at me and simply stated, “tell your sensei he does a fine job with you “.

After that he sat next to me at all the meetings, and took my defense on issues other executives questioned .

At a company dinner that I was invited by him to attend, he was asked by a few of his coworkers and a high ranking executive if we knew each other from his previous place of employment, he simply told them all, “no we just met this week “ when asked then how did we become such good friends in a short time he replied “ well lets just say he and I speak the same language.

This was my proof of magic.


Dear Master Savelli,

My name is Christopher and I purchased your correspondence course about three months ago (my apologies for not getting this out then), needless to say it blew my mind. It was exactly the kind of real martial arts I've been looking for. I believe there is a name for your rare breed, the young call you Jedi, we martial artist's call you warrior monks, and your average joe calls you "the good samaritan".

I have many questions that I would like to ask you but it is my belief that you should at least have an inkling as to who I am (so that you know my intentions are pure and that I don't plan on abusing your teachings of Huc Chung Kun Tao, I expect no less from the students I teach). I began my training in the martial arts at about the age of six, it was a shotokan karate class done in the elementary school I went to. It didn't last long though I quit after a few classes, my next experience came at about the age of eight. I started taking kickboxing from our phillipino neighbor's son, my undisciplined body and mind along with the exhausting physical regimen caused me to whine and moan about it until my parents gave in and allowed me to quit. Sky high monthly prices for karate schools and past experience in martial arts made it so I was not allowed to continue in the martial arts until I turned sixteen. I then started training at the Sung Cho's Tae Kwon Do Academy, the master of this school is trained in boxing, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Golden Mantis Kung-fu. Naturally all students in this school are taught to have a tolerance to all martial arts and to absorb something useful from them all. At nineteen years old now I am still training there and have achieved instructor certification and am getting ready to test for second dan black belt in a few days. I recently attained my G.E.D., I still live at home taking care of my brothers and sisters while my parents try to bring in an income. So that pretty much sums it up.

Last year while surfing the internet I remembered your website address from the article you printed in Blackbelt magazine, amazed at what I found there I printed out all the articles and fitted them into a one inch binder after reading through all the articles I ordered your demo tape. This all happened late last year and I debated with my rational ignorant self over how all this could be possible, what you did, (I mean you didn't live like a hermit on a mountain somewhere with a dragon and tiger burned on your forearms) so was this possible. Then one evening my father came in and saw I was watching your demo video for the tenth time, never having seen it before he joined me in watching it. He was absolutely stunned by what he saw, he turned to me and in a quick translation said that it would be foolish to pass up such an offer. Something clicked then to what another teacher had taught me "Don't be concerned to the things you are being shown and ask if they are rational or scientifically possible, rather, be concerned to ask if you can be taught how to do them.". So I ordered your course and watched it trying to grasp the way of doing things how you are doing them. I have trained for a short while with other students of my Master's kung-fu teacher and the door was opened even further to the mysteries of chi but it has been but a small stepping stone to what you teach. I am eternally thankful to you for the teachings you have offered and the consistent feedback you are willing to give. For a long time now I have sought to find a true martial arts teacher trained in the ways of the warrior monks, Thank God you still exist!

I will be a dedicated student (I will also prove that to you!), all I ask for is the truth of yourself and of Huc Chung Kun Tao!Thank you for everything and may long life be with you.

Your student,

C. J.

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