Secret Reflex Training I

When I first started training with Master Reeders, I heard that there was a secret way to strike reflexively without alerting anyone else, especially the person you were striking. Master Reeders told me that you could put a shirt, with only one button on it, into a clothes dryer. As this shirt spins around, the button strikes the sides of the dryer randomly, making a noise. Master Reeders said that if you were quick enough, you could strike the air (or someone else) simultaneously with the strike of that lone button in the clothes dryer.

Many times over the subsequent years after I heard this "method", I tried to strike the air as fast as the button hitting the side of the dryer, failing each time. I heard this "method" was the fastest physically spontaneous way to move. After studying the way Master Reeders moved at length, I realized the secret way to move entailed the natural blink of the eye. Sure enough, I could blink as quickly as when the button hit the sides of the clothes dryer. If you start at a close distance to an object, and train your whipping style to coordinate with this natural blink, you can strike an object just as suddenly as the rapid sound of the button against the sides of the dryer.

So students, start with this simple exercise, and in Secret Reflex II next month, I'll tell you how to strike any person anywhere. They will never know how fast and accurate you have become.

Guy Savelli

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