This is Protective Healing - The Internal Shield

This is the method I have used and taught for many years, having almost 100 percent positive results. For those of you who have read the Spiritual Healing portion of these web pages, this is a workable advancement. After you say the formula, you picture a Golden Road going out from you into the sky. On this road, you see the Lord standing facing you. You perceive your being moving up to where the Lord is standing. When you get very close to the Lord, the Lord wraps his arms around you and holds you close to keep you safe and out of danger. At this point a chill should come over you if it is really happening to you and you know this is true. Now you see yourself kneeling before the Lord. The Lord puts his hands around and holds your left foot. A flow of glowing vapor filled with small particles of steel and cement start to enter into your foot, totally encompassing your foot. When this glow hits your ankle bone, it swirls around and through this joint completely, completely permeating it. The glow moves up your leg, both inside the bones and outside in the muscles of the leg. The glow swirls around, coating and strengthening everything. It moves up to the knee and as it did with the ankle joint, the glow swirls around and permeates, just as it did before. You picture the glow moving up your leg to the hip joint and it swirls around as it did previously to the knee and ankle joint. The glow moves across the pelvis to the right hip joint, swirls around and so on, as it goes down through the knee joint and the shin to the right ankle joint and foot. Here this healing/strengthening/cleaning glow enters the small intestine. It swirls around and through, picturing each turn and crevasse in the intestines. It goes to the large intestine and down to your private parts. It swirls and cleans everything here. Should you perceive any darkness or obstruction in these organs, the glow disintegrates them and leaves no room for anything to fester here. The glow moves over and through your appendix, your spleen, your left kidney, onto your pancreas, your gall bladder, your right kidney and your liver. The glow takes on a whirlwind like appearance that totally cleanses the whole area. This glow goes to the area above the bladder, up to the stomach, the diaphragm. It keeps spinning and swirling through all the tissue in the area. Wherever it has passed through or around maintains a constant glow in your mind, even as you move on. This glow shoots up the esophagus, springing out to the arteries and veins in the neck, which feed oxygen and blood to your brain. You see these veins and arteries clear and sparkling with no chance of a stroke or a tumor being imminent. The glow continues up and underneath your face to the nasal cavities, the sinus cavities, and so on, to the top of your head, down, permeating your brain, shrinking any obstruction that may have started there. It shoots down and inside your spinal cord flushing out all impurities on the way down to the surrounding disks, lubricating and strengthening them. It goes down the spinal column to the tail bone and rebounding back up the spinal column spills out healing light continuously throughout your back, binding your back to your front, abdomen, and chest, stabilizing the area. This healing protecting light goes once more down the spinal cord, first out to your neck muscles, relieving and strengthening them. The healing warm light goes out your shoulder, down, swirling in your shoulder joints, your elbows, your wrists and fingers, back up, soothing and healing and strengthening the tendons, ligaments, and muscles, back up to the shoulders again. This light goes down through your back muscles entering and enveloping them, all the way to your buttocks, and below, soothing the hamstring muscles, soothing the sciatic nerves there. It you have sciatica, you picture and believe you see an angel pulling the sciatic nerve back up into the disk area of your back and at the same time backing up the soft fluid tissue that may have overflowed from the disks onto and pressing down on your nerves. This will soothe that hot area into a state of relief. The glow enters the chest area, and this healing light engulfs your rib cage and your chest muscles and all other tissue (picturing, mostly for women, a light force pushing and clearing out and shrinking any and all undesirable deposits, cysts, and so on in the total chest area). The light now goes to your heart, see it consisting of three clean clear cavities. You watch as the light swirls around this area, inspecting each cavity, assuring yourself that your heart is immaculate. Your attention is now focused on your lungs. You see the healing, cleaning light enter your left lung. This beam swirls around and inspects each bronchi. If you know or think you know of a problem here, you change this healing light into a hot laser, which engulfs and burns the area clean. Then you change this laser beam into a spray of cool, crystal clear water, which washes away any deformities, much like the retreating high tide carries back sand and shells into the sea. Then you do this to the right lung also. Now turn your attention to the total body. See and believe it is being healed, preventing any old deformities from progressing, totally limiting any future growth while stifling and sealing your body against anything new from starting. This Internal Shield is based on Love from the Lord manifest in you because of your love and positive actions for anyone else in need.

You might want to check the healing documentation for specific diseases or you could e-mail and I will reply with more specific visualization techniques.

Guy Savelli

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