The Spiritual Tornado (Chi)

Although your spiritual training involves saying prayers coupled with visualizations and meditation, there is a specific purpose that involves a system of attainment towards perfection, not for perfections' sake alone, or not to just say prayers, per se.

This spiritual system adds to a specific mental system which adds to the physical system, that will achieve substantial goals and consistent results. We train to interrupt our enemies' thinking process by making them feel dizzy, weak, confused, indecisive, afraid, or unsure. We destroy their coordination, distort their timing, or make them unable to move. Slow them down, make them heavy, overly excited, or combination of any of the above, just to name some of the results. All of the above and much more is that product of adding the spiritual to the mental, which is added to the physical.

I was taught, "Through the physical, you learn the Spiritual." We see it like this:
I. Physical Training II.  Add the Mental III.  Finally the Spiritual is Added

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Guy Savelli

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