Spiritual Training Results

The Spiritual can be used for more than just fighting, but you have to do it consistently, every day. Here are some of the results that you can have when you do this.


Guy Savelli

Dear Master Savelli,

I want to thank you, again, for your healing assistance on Sunday, September 09, 2001. Without your mastered teaching experience, in combination with help from God, I would have been living in pain with two herniated disks (acquired at the age of 20; Iím now 31) in my back. Please feel free to use this write-up of my history to inform and educate anyone seeking to receive help for pain or sickness, for those looking to learn Huc Chung Kun Tao, or those who are current students that may need additional testimonial to believe that the power of the mind, especially when combined with the help of the spirit, is the most powerful problem resolver.

I was born physically handicapped with a condition on both feet called "club-foot" where both of my feet were bent backwards against my calves. From the ripe age of 2 days old, I wore casts and underwent numerous surgeries to correct the problems. In order to help me to succeed in the world and overcome my physical problems, I began training in the martial arts in the early 1980ís, learning traditional Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do certainly provided positive attributes and mental concepts to my life, to which I will always remain grateful. My experience with Tae Kwon Do has been extensive, as I eventually became the founder and head instructor of the organizational club at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, while I continued to train under the supervision of my Master Instructor. However, while an instructor, I comprehended the strengths of the art such as concentration, accuracy, speed, ambidexterity, quick reflexes and blocking techniques, but I also noticed the weaknesses associated with the art. Eventually, I injured my lower back, and concluded that the art of Tae Kwon Do, as it did not utilize the use of knees and elbows, and was heavily reliant upon aerial and snap kicks as the most effective strikes, would not be the best art for my injured back and my lifetime dedication to the martial arts. At that time, I began training in the art of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai certainly provided me with the knowledge and experience of utilizing knees and elbows to strike an attacker. Additionally, the use of boxing techniques certainly extended my knowledge base of correct deployment of body usage in each strike; that is, utilizing the whole body in a complete torquing motion in order to generate power behind the strike, not just using a "reverse punch" or "snap kick". Finally, Muay Thai taught me to strike with conditioned shins, rather than a foot, which was a significant benefit based upon my history. While training in Muay Thai, I progressed to an instructor level, and proceeded to help train, coach and corner many State and US Kickboxing Champions. Additionally, I have continued to referee and officiate many large national martial tournaments throughout the country.

Muay Thai certainly seemed to be the art I was looking for from the physical aspect of my life; however, the development of the mind and spirit was almost non-existent. For those who have trained in a sport, martial art or in a mixed martial art such as kickboxing, aspects such as fakes, deceiving movements, and meditation are just the "tip of the iceberg" of using your mind as a weapon or healing tool as taught in Huc Chung Kun Tao.

In 1994, I was partially paralyzed when the L4-5 disk ruptured, requiring an emergency micro-disectomy, leaving permanent numbness in my right leg due to damage to my syatic nerve. After an extensive physical therapy campaign, and help from family and friends, accompanied with my mental dedication to a recovery and not to live my life in a wheelchair, I improved to the point that I was able to return to training in Muay Thai. However, subconsciously, I continued to fear the concept of re-injuring my repaired disk, creating a less than 100% effort in training. In 1999, that fear came true, as my back began to hurt, again, and after a short hospital stay, a recent MRI showed that I re-herniated my L4-5 disk. At this time, I knew that I had to learn an art that was truly dedicated to using the mind and spirit, yet had the same positive aspects from Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do.

When my friend told me to "check out" your website, I was definitely intrigued as to what I saw, but skeptical. I asked myself the question that most people probably think; that is "Is this for real or is it just hype?" There was only one way to find out, and that is when I met you in person.

You certainly made a strong, positive impression, and the topic of our conversation was on helping to rid my back of pain. At that point, we extended our conversation, per my request, into Huc Chung Kun Tao training. Based upon what you explained, as also explained on your website, I was confident that I would be able to successfully learn and teach this to others. In addition, I felt that Huc Chung Kun Tao would address my lifetime research into the complete martial art.

Our first meeting focused on the background and general aspects of Huc Chung Kun Tao, which made sense! You focused on the way to teach and legally execute many of the techniques that are necessary to protect us, and on concepts that are not taught (such as mind training). Additionally, you brought forth aspects that I already understood, but never really considered and reflected upon (such as the spirituality). Most importantly, you demonstrated the healing aspect of the art on my back! Through the mental imaging and spiritual power, you alleviated the pain. This was the first time that I was pain-free, even the menacing arthritic type of pain in my lower back was gone. You also taught me exercises that would help strengthen my back, and recommended certain vitamins to maintain my health.

For the first 6 months of training, I continued to research the mental, physical and spiritual techniques that you taught, in order to compare and contrast against other claims made through various advertisements and books. Your training techniques were much more effective and realistic than others, allowing people with less than perfect physical stature to accomplish the same outcomes as what "other" systems, which required perfect physical health, promised. In my comparison campaign, I noticed that you capitalized on the necessary elements in developing the execution of a particular technique, not some exotic stance or position. For example, there is a claim in one of the most popular martial arts magazine to increase your physical strength through the development of your "chi". For about $60, you will receive a video and pamphlets on how to acquire this ability. In summary, you are to enter into 20 difficult positions in an exhaled state. After reviewing the positions, I do not know if even the best sports athletes can successfully achieve these postures. However, in Huc Chung Kun Tao, the same accomplishments will be achieved through a combination of two physical, one mental and one spiritual exercise, without having to be in a physical position that would require the use of paramedics to rescue you!

For the time I have been studying underneath you, I have been able to apply the techniques learned in Huc Chung Kun Tao to help others, including students, families and athletes. The results have always exceeded expectations. For example, I had to act as a cornerman for a young lady in a boxing match who was overmatched, on paper, by her opponent. I taught her a few Huc Chung Kun Tao mental and physical techniques, and she won a unanimous decision over her far-more-experienced opponent.

The reason for my success in being able to apply the techniques learned is based upon your teaching technique. You explain "Why" and the underlying reasons associated with the technique. This allows an individual to easily understand how the technique can be modified to fit various situations. In addition, your desire to help others aids in the learning process, as does your posted sign "There are no such things as dumb questions." Finally, your availability is certainly unheard of, as I have contacted you from various parts of the US, at various times for your assistance on certain situations and you have always been extremely accommodating.

One of the greatest aspects of Huc Chung Kun Tao is that the more one trains, the less the risk of injury or re-injuring a repaired body part. We work to develop the mental and spiritual, and in turn, it improves the physical. Through your teachings, I have experienced a few of the "paranormal" results that you have advertised. Each time, these events have increased in magnitude. I can thoroughly understand why you are able to help others with serious illnesses with such success. For example, I introduced you to my friend Louis, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He was never able to hold his youngest daughter because of the complications of his disease. After his first session with you, not only was he able to hold his daughter, but also able to lift her over his head!

I only hope that those who visit your website, and have the opportunity to read this brief letter of my appreciative experience, will make the best life-long choice in either learning the art of Huc Chung Kun Tao or contacting you for assistance in curing serious illnesses. If at any time someone would like to contact me to gain more detailed information on my experiences, please feel free to provide my contact information.

Andy Washlock
Black Belt Student

Several years ago, I had been working in a restaurant as a waiter in a Cleveland area suburb. A woman and her daughter were seated at one of my tables. The daughter was around 19 or 20 and her mother seemed to be in her mid forties. I recommended a couple of my favorite dishes for them for dinner. I remember that the mother chose a dish that I felt was on of the best on the menu.

I came back to their table several minutes later and noticed that the mother had eaten almost nothing of her dinner. I was worried because I had highly recommended the dish she had ordered and it appeared that she didn't want it. I asked her about it and she said no, that the food was probably fine but that she just couldn't eat it right now. I asked if she was ok, and she said that she was fine at the moment, but that she had an infection in her mouth and that it was starting to bother her and she wasn't able to eat at the moment. I was concerned for her because up until that point she and her daughter seemed to be having a really good time together and all of the sudden she seemed distressed. It just didn't seem right to me and I was very concerned for her.

I asked exactly what the problem was. She said that she had an infection in her mouth that was very painful and at times prevented her from being able to eat anything hard or moderately hard. She said that she had seen several dentists, orthodontists and other specialists and none had been able to give her a solution. She said that she would have to see another specialist in a couple of days who would decide if she would have to go through an operation in an attempt to remove this infection. She was really worried about this because she did not know what to expect from this type of operation.

I told her that a man I know who is involved with martial arts has been extremely effective in working with people with pain, injuries and disease. I told her that he had been teaching and using a system for over 15 years and that as far as I knew not a single person came to him without having some significant reduction in their pain, and that many had been healed in a way that could only have been described as miraculous. She asked me about it and I started to describe to her the system that Master Savelli had been teaching his students. I asked her what religion she was, and she said that she was a Christian, and if I remember correctly she said specifically Catholic. I asked her if she could get a picture in her mind of Jesus (since she was Christian) and she said that she could picture him standing in front of her very clearly. I then walked through specific parts of the 'formula' that Master Savelli teaches for spiritual training. The last thing I told her was that she should start to do something every day that she didn't like to do but knew she should, and told her to stop from doing something every day that she loved to do but knew she should not.

I noticed at the time that she had begun to smoke a cigarette and I believe she felt my attention turn to that. I remember getting a strange feeling of certainty that the cigarette would be very important for her. I told her that if she would put out her cigarette immediately and not smoke another one that night, she would have some type of positive result to help her with her condition. I know that what you pick has to be something meaningful to you if you want to get help. It turned out that I was right because she then told me of how her family had really been on her case about smoking and wanted her to quit, but up until that point in time she had refused and had been very stubborn about it. I know she was looking at me like "I can't believe I am thinking about putting out my cigarette for this punk kid", but she did so right then and the cigarette was only partially finished. She then gave me a look that I interpreted as "this had better work or I'm going to feel like a complete fool and I'm going to blame you for it". At that moment I felt very worried because I knew that if nothing happened I would have made a big fool out of myself and would have completely lost credibility with these people. Also, it turned out that the daughter also went to the same school as I did, John Carroll University in a Cleveland suburb. I could only imagine the negative rumors I could have generated if I had proved to have been wrong. The rest of that night I simply tried to follow Master Savelli's spiritual formula myself and hold a feeling of faith in this system. I know that it was very important to be certain that something good would happen for this woman, and I know that I was able to do this because of the flawless results Master Savelli had had with people himself. I will repeat, that many people had been miraculously healed and I had never heard of a single person out of the fifteen to twenty years that Master Savelli had been working with people in pain who had not received some type of help.

The next morning I was still a bit nervous about the previous night. I didn't really expect to have been confronted by this immediately, as I don't ever recall having seen the woman's daughter at school personally before. Amazingly however, the very next morning I passed her in the entranceway of one of the class buildings on my way to classes. She said hello and asked how I was doing. I told her fine although I was extremely nervous about what she would say about her mother. She talked about wanting to come to the martial arts class, that she had been looking for something like that for a while. I was surprised at the relaxed conversational tone that she had, because I was still nervous. I asked her about her mother and she said that the night before when she was brushing her teeth the infection in her mouth burst and drained away down the bathroom sink. Apparently she was no longer in any pain or suffering at all due to the injury, and the mother felt that though there may have been a bit of it left, she thought that it was going to be fine and would see the specialist the next day to confirm it. I was extremely surprised and relieved at this. I was surprised because the woman had told me the infection had been a problem for her for a very long time, and personally I was just hoping that something would happen, like a night without any pain for her. The fact that the infection may have been completely gone overnight amazed me.

My name is Matt Clapper and I am going to mention an account of something paranormal that I had witnessed when in the company of Master Savelli. I was riding in his vehicle with him on the way to a scheduled class that he teaches. He was talking about how important the spiritual system was, about what is available to a person who trains this way and what you lose when you ignore it. He had spoken of a time when he was with his son, and he had told his son that he could make it rain. He son kind of laughed at him when he heard that because there were actually no clouds at all in the sky. Later on as they were driving, it started raining on the windshield for a period of time and still there were no rainclouds in the sky. He said that it didn't matter what it was that needs to be done, because he's working with a power that can do anything. As long as you can convince that power to do something, regardless of what it is, it would then be impossible for it not to happen. It so happened that we were driving in an extremely heavy rainstorm, heavy to the point that I was a bit expecting to see some flooding and was hoping that the rain didn't last for an extended period of time because there certainly would have been some type of flood. The rain was coming down as quickly and as heavily as I could really have imagined it.

After Master Savelli had related to me the incident when water had come down for a period of time out of a cloudless sky, he mentioned that it was no different to have rain stop. He pointed to a street about 100 yards ahead of us, and said to pay attention to the rain up there, because I would find that it would not be raining heavily there. I looked out the window and kind of wondered if he was serious because the rain was coming down so hard that he certainly had no time to prepare or do anything as we were only about 5 seconds away from the intersection he had pointed out. However as soon as we had stopped at the light of the intersection he pointed to, the rain had all but completely stopped. I felt like I was in a dream because I was so stunned at what I was witnessing. I couldn't even explain how the rain stopped because as I remember it was just raining one moment and it was like a wind came by and as quickly as the wind was moving just blew all the rain out of the sky and the surrounding area that I could see. As far as I could see there were only various drops coming down. Then Master Savelli said that when we would get to the next intersection which was about 100 yards ahead, it would be raining just as it was before. As we approached that intersection there was still no rain, and it looked like it would not start raining again as we did approach that intersection, almost as if the rain was going to stop. However when we started slowing down at the intersection the rain started to come down moderately again, and by the time we stopped I would have sworn that a wind came by again blowing the rain back on top of us and it was raining just as hard as it was initially. The rain continued for at least another twenty minutes until we got to the building where we had the martial arts class was.

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