Huc Chung Spiritual Update

I have studied martial arts for over twenty-five years, and many times have been told that the mind plays a very important, in fact "the most" important part, of training. However after attending many schools and studying various styles I had yet to encounter a teacher who either knew how or was willing to teach me about mental or spiritual training.

Don't get me wrong, I have met some very skilled people, and some very nice people along the way, and they had some important things to show me and teach to me. I've always felt like there should be more however, than speed, strength, and technical skill.

Then one day a very nice man, one of those students who starts and then stops training frequently because life gets in his way, told me about a website he had visited online. He said the man who ran the site was based in the mental and spiritual aspects of the training and was documented by the U.S. government as having some measure of mind control. The student showed me some pages that he had copied from the website, and I was hooked. This man, Master Guy Savelli, was teaching the type of knowledge I have been seeking for so long. How to combine the mind with the physical training.

I contacted Master Savelli with the idea of either purchasing from him a manual that would set me on the path. Or possibly getting together with him for training if time and money would permit. I live three hours from his location and do not have much of a cash flow. Well Master Savelli promptly answered my letter and we discussed the possibility of training together and agreed that we would get together in the near future.

Then within days of talking to Master Savelli I went to the doctor's, then to a specialist and was told that I had cancer. When I told this to Master Savelli, he said that I should come up as soon as possible and he would teach me some self healing techniques and formulas. In the meantime he sent me some information so I could acquaint myself a little with what his methods might be.

When the day came for the trip to see him and we finally arrived at his studio, I still wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Well we are talking about the spirit, or life force, so I guess in the back of my mind I did kind of know what to expect. First we briefly discussed my religious beliefs. Denomination was not an important factor. However if you are going to try to use the spirit it would be a good idea to believe in the spirit. Then he gave me some materials to aid me in my focus at home. Next he seemed moved to impart something to me, he took my hand and told me what to focus on while he silently prayed, or looked inside himself for an answer. I had been asked to describe how I visualized the disease in my body, and had told him that it seemed to have taken hold in the lymph glands of my armpits and was pulsing poison down my arms towards me fingers, causing arthritic symptoms in my hands and fingers, making them feel swollen. I was told to let him know if and when I felt heat or any other sensations as he held my hand. Some religions call this healing technique "the laying on of hands". Others call it a "transmission", that is when a spiritual master, or teacher, explains something to you verbally, shows you physically, and mentally or spiritually "intends" the lesson to you. I believe that I received both a "transmission" and the "laying on of hands" that day.

The disease I have tends to make me feel hot, in fact I run a low grade fever. After about four or fives minutes of praying with Master Savelli, my elbows began to feel a little tingling. then the tingling lengthened up my arms and was now undeniable but I was so distracted that I forgot I was supposed to tell him when I felt anything. Then in my right hand, which he was holding, the stiffness loosened in the arthritic joint to the point where I could feel the knuckle pop and relax. The pop was not from any physical pressure, as his touch was steady and gentle, as he sat with his head bowed. Then the tingling became very cool and extended to my armpits. So now both of my whole inner upper arms were tingling and cool. We sat there for maybe ten to fifteen minutes. At this point Master Savelli must have somehow known that he had reached me. He let go of my hand and asked me what I felt. I told him what I had experienced and he told me what had gone through his mind so that I could use this information when working on it at home.

We then said goodbye and my wife and I headed home. The cool tingling now felt as though I had ice cubes in my armpits and like the poison had left my forearms. This sensation continued for about three hours. I found afterwards that when I concentrated on his formula, that I could bring the tingling coolness back, although to a lesser degree than what Master Savelli had achieved. In the next couple days I have continued to do the things he told me to do and my success at recreating the tingling is still not as long lasting as it was at his studio, but I seem to be having better results each time.

I hope and plan to return to Master Savelli for additional treatment, and eventually to train with him, as was my original intention. I don't believe in coincidence, I think things happen for a reason. I think the chain of events that led me to Master Savelli happened because I "needed" to meet him even though I didn't know why at the time.

Am I cured? I don't know that answer. But what I was looking for was proof that the mind and spirit can be manipulated by us mere mortals. I believe that I was given that proof.

Tony Stanley 5/11/99


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