Mental, Physical and Spiritual Training

I have studied martial arts for sixteen years, have been exposed to variety of styles and forms. From my training as a teenager in former Soviet Union, through few years of training in "underground" (when martial arts were banned for civilians in Soviet Union), and quite brutal training in VV MVD (Interior Forces of Ministry of Internal Affairs) Special Operations Unit, I have met and trained with some very skilled fighters. Along the way I had few chances to test my knowledge - both as civilian and as operator in Spetsnaz. And although I walked away from those encounters, deep down I knew that there are things out there that you can not win against, regardless of your physical fighting skills and knowledge, regardless of your mental toughness and mindset. There had to be something that would give you a chance in otherwise hopeless situation.

Then in 1994, I met Master Savelli. I saw the most brutal (bar none) fighting art I ever have been exposed to, I saw finesse in movements, and I learned to use my body, my movements in ways I never knew before. I was given ways to train ones mind to the level beyond any "fighting mindset" or "killer instinct" that some people like to talk about. And I saw something altogether different. My wife had a health problem. We couldnít get any answers to what it is, how to get rid of it. And we were getting quite desperate about it. Then in December of í94, my wife went to see Master Savelli. We had two such meetings, each about 30 minutes long. Both me and my wife experienced some sensations that were unknown to us before. Call it "Spiritual High", if you will. Two days after our last meeting my wifeís health problem was gone. Was it coincidence? She doesnít think so. Neither do I.

After this episode I had numerous chances to witness many people coming to see Master Savelli with all kinds of problems, getting something they couldnít get anywhere else - caring from a total stranger; being shown the way to battle their problems; leaving Master Savelliís studio without a trace of pain they came in with. I used pain reduction techniques myself and had some results.

In my line of work - the security and protection business - I have met some people (you know who you are) saying things and making claims that are ridiculous to anybody who has ever been in life and death situations. People from the military SpecOps community (both active and retired), from federal agencies, claiming their way is "foolproof", "undefeatable", "most feared", etc. If you are such a master of your art, why are you so ignorant, so full of yourself? Making claims without anything to back it up? Can they back it up? Some of these people are skilled fighters, some, experienced operators. The big mistake that most of them make is they think they are it. They stop growing as fighters, as professionals, as teachers and as people. Itís never too late to learn, and nobodyís too good to learn.

If you have any questions, contact Master Savelli.

Saulius "Sonny" Puzikas


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