Free Healing Video

Dear Master Savelli,

First, thank you very much for including the extra video on healing. The field of alternative medicine and natural healing has become a major interest with me as of late. The inclusion of this video was opportune to say the least!

The other videos were great, and I was highly intrigued by the methods presented, to say the least. The dilemma now is that I need to study the material presented in depth.

I am a lifelong practitioner of martial arts and a retired law enforcement officer. I have always viewed my training as "survival" oriented as opposed to any sporting context. The material you present and the way in which you present it made absolute sense to me. Your emphasis on the power of the mind is in my humble opinion 100% correct and is almost totally absent in any other training or system. The physical techniques shown also were fascinating.

Please advise me as to how I may gain more insight and training in Kun Tao. I am quite willing to travel to your location. Would you accept me as a student?

I look forward to your reply. Thanks again for your concern and for presenting me with new and challenging ideas and concepts!

All the Best to You!

Carl Wrege
August 22, 1999

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Guy Savelli


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