What Huc Chung is All About - Part II

The following information is a brief account of an event which took place in one our studios recently. Recently, five students convened with Master Guy L. Savelli at his Kirtland studio for our Tuesday night lesson. After some introductory words by Master Savelli we began to train for this particular training. We employed a special apparatus that we call "Killer". Killer is a station designed to hone the reactions of a fighter when it comes to moving out of the way of an oncoming attack. The reason the device is called Killer is because it is extremely difficult to avoid being touched by it. Any degree of contact mean you have been "killed". To use the station properly a minimum of two people is required. Here is when things really begin to get interesting. One participant is attempting to avoid killer, while the other releases it at their time of choosing. While it provides an excellent opportunity to drastically improves physical reactions, there is a potential for something even more powerful. That something is the use of the mind in combat. Specifically I am referring to thought projection. When two people face off like this they have the opportunity to use their minds against one another, each one attempting to gain control over the others thoughts and feelings. For instance the person releasing killer can attempt to make the other person feel slow, confused, paralyzed, and so on. It is also possible to make their task easier by implanting thoughts of speed, competence, and so on. To those of you that are just being introduced to such concepts, I realize this must sound like fiction. What you do not realize is that this is an objectively verifiable phenomenon that is as real as the air you breathe. Like the air, it cannot be seen directly. However the effects are as plain as the day is long to those who are fortunate enough to experience them. Those who have been privy to such events will instantly recognize the truth of these statements. Here is what happened. Two veterans, both highly skilled, faced each other on opposite sides of killer. Immediately I went to work on the mind of one of them, the one who was supposed to move out of the way. I tried to paralyze him (by the use of my mind alone). He gets hit. Once, twice, three times. I really bear down now, adding confusion and a sense of hopelessness. More hits. Now for testing purposes, I attempt to assist him. He gets out of the way. Now I am back to my old tricks, really coming in hard with confusion and despair. He is getting nailed repeatedly, and looking upset, confused. When Master Savelli asks him what is wrong, he is so flustered that he cannot even answer the question without great difficulty. So I cease. Again this individual is a veteran of this discipline, no pushover by any means. I had never seen him so emotionally disturbed before. But then again, I never tried to disturb him so severely. This is no isolated incident, accident, or coincidence. It is just another example of the type of maneuver that occurs in this school regularly. This type of ability covers a wide spectrum of applications. In combat it can be used to disable opponents or worse. It can also be used to assist, encourage or heal. It can make the world a better place to live in, as well as safer for you and your loved ones. How exactly is this training conducted? What are the specific details necessary to execute the techniques? If you really want to know, come train with us. If you are too far away, you should enroll in the correspondence course as I did to start. Otherwise, you will just have to wonder. Here in this studio, nestled away in Kirtland, Ohio, Master Savelli is laboring away day and night. He is fully committed to making us masters, making us capable of super-human feats of control over ourselves and our environment. Control which is physical, mental and, of course, spiritual. Naturally this control is demonstrated against a backdrop of genuine benevolence. Come join us and see for yourself. If you do not, that's OK. Personally I enjoy belonging to an elite minority. And I have only been here six months.


Patrick Toohey

Hi Master Savelli,

I have been practicing the "beginning change" for about a week and a half. I have gotten pretty amazing results. I believe that anyone who goes against "the change" would feel as if he were in a fight with an animal. By practicing "the change," I feel like I am always ready for danger. This training increases a person's meanness. I believe anyone would be a different person upon completion of this training. Yesterday, I was lifting weights and was training intensely. I guess my muscle memory kicked in, because when I looked at myself in the mirror I looked like a different person. When I have this look, I don't think anyone would try to start trouble with me. This is mind boxing, because if I can steal my opponent's heart, then he is defeated without physical contact. In my opinion, this is the highest level of fighting.

Your basic correspondence course tapes are excellent; and the intermediate course tapes supplement the concepts demonstrated in the basic course. I have seen excellent results with "the change" and whip training. Thank you for sharing your secrets with the public. I realize that other masters make their students wait many years.

Thank you for all of your help,

R.C., San Jose, California


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