A Priest from Ireland Talks About Huc Chung Kun Tao

Greetings Guy,

I have now received both the Healing course and the Introductory course from you. A pity I did not have them in my earlier years. I am now 66 years old. I did an introduction to Karate in England in my young days and it was a great help to my self-confidence. I was a mental nursing officer in England for about 15 years and at the age of 40 I entered a seminary here in Ireland and was ordained a priest in '75.

I am at present a Parish Priest in the West Of Ireland, on the coast. I suffered from a bad attack of Arthritis about 12 years ago and that was instrumental in getting me to study alternative medicine. A combination Spiritual Healing, Accupressure, Hypnosis, etc. all contributed to my healing and I am free of all pain and medication with about 8 years.

I have a B.A. in Hypnosis and Hypno-analysis, and I have also qualified in Grapho-analysis and Colour Therapy. Visualization, which you teach, I find is very beneficial in all healings.

You are very good to share your knowledge and experiences in the Martial Arts and in Healing. You a great teacher. The Video tapes are easy to follow and your combination of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual is unique. You are obviously not hesitant about giving away your immense knowledge to help others. I wonder about the danger of giving the knowledge of the "Whip" to people who might use it for the wrong reasons, how do you get over that one? It is a very powerful weapon in the right or wrong hands!

I would like to find some young but mature person here and help them to master the contents of your tapes, would you mind? I am certainly intending to practise what I can of it myself but obviously I am a little advanced in years to use all of it.

Can you tell me what the cost of the next part of the course is, as I would like to purchase that also.

Alot of Catholics, myself included, have had a love-hate relationship with the Catholic Church. What's important is the Good Lord remains the same regardless of the shortcomings of humans. Your method of prayer is the same as the Our Father, it starts with praise/thanks and asks for forgiveness and then right at the end asks for help.

Again congratulations on an extraordinary course. I doubt if you appreciate just how unusual it is to find a holistic approach like yours. Why I should come on it on the Internet right now - It is as a wise man said, "When the pupil is ready the Master will come".

Blessings and keep up the good work,

Father John from Ireland


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