Survival Kun Tao

Most everything in the physical aspects of Kun Tao depends upon the real or imagined danger you may face. Modern martial arts practitioners need to do research in this area, for a strong emotional involvement coupled with realistic visualization is needed to successfully use the speed and accuracy of a deadly protective strike, as well as intuitive perception. The faster a practitioner of Kun Tao can react to any danger is pertinent to self-preservation, and consequent escape from capture. Many practitioners can conquer the fear of death, but I doubt they can endure the torture that may be inflicted after being captured, especially if it is carried on over an extended period of time. The realization of living a very deformed mental and physical existence from which there is no escape until death is more than something to ponder. It is a frightening fact that there is a lack of training and recognition that is needed by most everyone in the field of martial arts. It is rare for most practitioners to realize that they could be under the constant control of an enemy who does not care whether they live or die, wanting only to deform them mentally and physically. Survival Kun Tao realizes these dangers and addresses them by training physically, mentally, and spiritually. Without this totally committed and involved training system, there can be absolutely no safety whatsoever. The only chance you have for survival if you were captured by another, is if you are so perceptive and cunning as to be able to totally neutralize your enemy by redirecting his or her mind and intentions. How do you train this way? It is why you train, not how you train. A primary reason you train is because you have to, you need to, with every fiber of your being. You know you and your loved ones cannot get captured at any cost; you know you will not survive. Here is where survival Kun Tao starts. There is not enough intuitive reflex training in most survival arts. There is not enough internal strength developed. There is no spiritual training system from which you can see tangible physical results. So why are you into the martial arts if these aspects are not addressed? Ask yourself, what you do at night against several knife-attackers when you cannot see or know where they are? Here in America, no one wants to go to prison, so your dangerous attackers do not want to be recognized, let alone be beaten or captured. Survival Kun Tao addresses these aspects and many others. Does your martial art? If so, tangibly how?

Guy Savelli

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