From nothing came something,

From something came the Ying,

From the Ying came the yang,

From the yang came the 5 situations,

From the 5 situations came the five elements,

Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, & Metal

And from the 5 elements came the 5 Animals,

Monkey, Eagle, Dragon, Snake & Tiger

--The Tao of Huc Chung, Monk author unknown

Dear Guy Savelli,

Enclosed is a portion of my outstanding balance. I would like to request either a phone call or written statement concerning my new balance as I wish to pay this off ASAP. Unfortunately the last year held no good fortune hence my delinquency. I am appreciative of your patience in this matter. As for the tapes I've received I've finally had a chance to sit down with them and view them nearly 2 years later and thought you would like to know I have found them immensely fulfilling and packed with incredible bits of knowledge. I again apologize for my tardiness on my debt and thank you for your patience. I only hope you feel no ills towards me. Many blessings to you and your family.



Well respected Mr. Guy Savelli!

I write to you from a small country - Slovenia. I am 26 years old. My profession is a security guard and therefore mostly unarmed (with exception of those who transport money).

On the object (that I work) I have duty time 2 days afternoon, 2 days at night and 2 days (if I am lucky enough) off. The main threat that I encounter are the Gypsies which come to steal, but the main point is that they come in groups of 3 to 20 (sometimes), and they all carry big butcher KNIVES. Until this moment I was able to defuse the situation verbally, i.e. with words, but I guess it was just naked luck and I cannot depend on it anymore. As sad as it is, our Firm (for security) does not offer a protection training to all of us, but only to the ones that transport money and that is it! I could go to martial arts (as a matter of fact I was in several of them), be we all know that this stuff isn't good enough! So, I do not have the access to Internet, only on very rare occasions but I managed to print out your pages on the net, and it seems to me that this is a REAL thing!! Something that can be used in Life-Death situations. With this in mind I would politely ask you, if you would be so kind and send me something to begin with and to have solid basics (physical, mental, psychical). I have tried something of the whip style you describe there on the punching bag (it is actually an old one and very solid one - hard one), but I was amazed - the fingers didn't hurt at all! Do you have some book or something for the beginning that doesn't cost much (my monthly pay is just enough to come through the month, and therefore I have to collect money over five months). I ask you PLEASE send me something IF YOU CAN, though I know you are a busy man and do not have time for such things, because if all people would ask you such things, you would shortly be bankrupt and not have time for yourself. So I am sorry if my letter is not polite or offends you, I didn't mean so - and thank you for reading it anyway.

Well respected Mr. Savelli, I ask you kindly once again, to send me some basics (if you will) to build on solid (I can pay you, but it will take me some months to raise the money).

With very best regards,



-I'm sorry for my bad English!

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