First, master Time Distortion I.

Now you should "glare" without blinking while you are looking at the horizon. The automobiles around you have an inanimate quality. They, in fact, look like "blocks of wood" all around you. You are now in a heightened state of awareness which enhances your driving skills, making you much more alert than normal. Other automobile drivers will avoid you. You can navigate without interference or inhibitions "down the road". The passengers in your auto should start to fall asleep when you "feel" like you are up in the air "on a magic carpet ride" (there should be no sound - everything is very quiet, both inside the car and outside, you just drive). Your passengers will go to sleep shortly after you get into this altered state. You should "see" a light film of liquid covering your pupils. It looks like you are looking out or through water, looking at and living in the present.

Watch for Time Distortion III

Guy Savelli


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