The Masterís Edge - Touch Sensitivity II

After you have achieved the results from doing Touch Sensitivity I consistently, and can breathe diaphragmatically residually with your mind in the state of quiet waiting (as the Chinese would say), we now start with Touch Sensitivity II. If you have any questions about either the breathing or the state of mind needed, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

First you stand in Position Number Three, just as you did in Touch Sensitivity I, except you should do this part outdoors, not indoors. Youíre feet should be shoulders width apart and parallel. You should practice pointing directly to your left with your left arm fully extended, striking to your own eyes height. This strike (as all strikes) should happen very naturally, so you must do this exercise during the day or night wherever you are. By now, when an attacker (the other person touching you on your left) starts to enter into your space on your left side or from behind a "picture" should appear in your mind, kind of like when you turn a TV on - the picture just appears. For me it was in black and white. I "saw" exactly what the attacker saw, i.e. his left fingers moving in to gently touch my left shoulder. I could "see" or "know" exactly when the attacker was about to touch me with his fingers, and I could feel exactly what "he" felt when and as he was feeling it. So, when the attacker was just about to start to touch a hair on my shoulder (or whatever body part) I could see and feel with him at the same time. This developed what is known as "A Mind Like Clear Water", reflecting everything back from its source. At the precise time the attacker starts to know he is about to touch and win, the receptor explodes with the pointing arm and whipping finger strike. The "whipping finger strike" takes out the arm. Naturally, your arm will make contact with the attackerís touching arm before your arm straightens out. This contact (your strike on the attackerís touch) trains and conditions your arm. It also forces you to wind up naturally inside, as you want to parry/strike the attacking touch away from you. Your strike should parry his arm, so his arm flies up in front of his face. You are trying to strike the attacker in his eyes. Done correctly, his arm should fly up to and in front of his eyes, protecting them from harm. Your parry/strike should be so fast and electrified with energy (chi), you should not know that contact was made on his arm until your arm has returned to its starting position, ready to do this whole exercise again. Remember, you should not know your strike was launched until it ricochets back to you and hits you. You then "wake up" and are aware of your surroundings again. There is no conscious realization of the "danger" until after your retaliatory strike.

Later, in the final phase, Touch Sensitivity III, you will learn to move explosively and paranormally. Finally, you will understand what the Kun Tao axiom, "When you move, you fly" really means.

Guy Savelli

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