Touch Sensitivity IV

A necessary ingredient in any part of Touch Sensitivity is to have the ability to completely clear your mind. To have no consistent, conscious thoughts. Your brain is not in gear. If you see a car, you do not think (that is a such and such kind). If you see a person you do not think of them at all. Only if a sense of danger is present do you focus your mind. If you hear a song, smell cookies, hear a dog bark etc., unless there is danger, you do not focus at all. The way we clear our mind consistently, all day long, is when you listen to a person, anyone, talk, when the person who is talking pauses you recall the last three words they said before they paused. Every time the person who is talking pauses you recall the words, then you wait until they start and stop again. You do the same thing over and over. You soon find out you cannot do this and be thinking at the same time.

Guy Savelli

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