Kun Tao Training Around The World

Dear Master Savelli,

Thank you very much for the information package and the video that you sent to me. I watched the video within minutes after the package arrived and enjoyed it immensely. You demonstrated it perfectly that siding with the Spirit is the key to accomplish any task. Thank you.

Master S (in Iran) is very excited about the possibility of working with you in reference to Ilmu Gaib, The Secret Science of THE Mind. He is interested to know if it would be possible for you to come to Iran and for the "Iran Kung Fu Tao Association" to become a member of the "World Kung Fu Federation" and be registered on the World Kung Fu Federation's web site.

Thanks again for all your help. Please write to me or the Master S whenever you have time. I am looking forward to talking to you soon.


Representative of Kung Fu Tao in California

Dear Guy,

I saw your ad in Soldier of Fortune Magazine and wanted to write you. I remember our hours of training and the things that you taught me. I still use these techniques today in my everyday life. I went on to train with Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis and a few other well-known Martial Arts Masters and added the skills they taught me to my own techniques. But the Gems of knowledge that you shared with me were more valuable then any techniques they had to offer. Your training allowed me to become Georgia Conference Kick Champion, and later PKC Kickboxing Champion at the age of 40 (I have the pictures and the belts to prove it if anyone would like to see them). I'm now in my 50's. Your wisdom and the training that you shared with me has influenced my life and helped me to become a better person, a leader in my community, and in the industry that I serve. I praise you and thank you for your training and our life long friendship. I value them both.

Your student and friend for life,


Dear Sir,

I just wanted to touch base with you in reference to our meeting today. It was indeed a very pleasant and informative time. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Again, I thank you for your time today which no doubt has opened a chapter in my life that will be rather interesting and growth filled. I came away from our discussion feeling a change I cannot quite identify, but 'sense', just like the 'touch' exercise you demonstrated. I truly look forward to learning and putting into practice your art. This clearly has a great potential for my officers.

It is truly incredible the prospects for this training, and I look forward to this training to (rightly) manifest itself in my everyday life.

I was not aware that you also authored a book. I am interested in the book as well as the correspondence course. I am looking at using part of my 'books' budget to at least get started on studying. Tomorrow morning I will be working toward bringing you to my region. Approximately when would be feasible for you to return?

I'll be calling around to various academies to see just what is needed to get space. Failing that, I'll look locally at a new elementary school gymnasium for facilities. Again, I appreciate your time today and your flexibility concerning funding. Everything will work out fine, to paraphrase some of the correspondence you offered for me to read "if you want it bad enough, it is yours."

Chief of Police, Florida

Dear Master Savelli,

I hope you and your family are doing fine. Everything here is going fine. My wife's summer program at the Performing Arts school is almost at an end and we will be able to relax a little. We are thinking of visiting friends in Pennsylvania and might consider driving over to your neck-of-the-woods. Maybe!

Anyhow, thank you again for tapes 7-25. They are outstanding to say the least. I just wish I had more time to devote to training.


Self-defense studio owner, Florida


My name is V.K. I want myself to be trained in Kung-Fu martial art. I don't know anybody to give me the exact way of reaching correct location. So, I kindly request you to give me the info about training of martial arts. If needed I can relocate myself to the spot to be trained. Kindly consider my request, as I have a Burning Spirit to learn Kung-Fu and to dedicate myself in it. As per my qualification I have received a Black-Belt in Karate. I am staying in India, and I can come for training, wherever needed Sir.

Thanks with more Respect.

Waiting for your esteemed reply Sir,


Dear Sir, Please let me know your phone no. so that I can contact you, and I am firm in relocating and learning Kung Fu from a good Master like you. Let me know the procedures to get visa and all. Please give me detailed instructions.

Thanks & Regards,


Complete names on file at the World Kung-Fu Federation headquarters.


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