Necessary Traits to be Like-Minded with Your Instructor

Huc Chung Kun Tao is an etherealmystical art.  The Huc Chung Kun Tao practitioner must have a lack of a sense of security and self-preservation, and at the same time be a survivor.  They must live in a world as it should be, not as it really is.  They need to have courage, quick wits, and a good heart.  Some other necessary traits to develop to be like-minded with your instructor, which are necessary to train effectively as a student, are:
  1. You need a sense of emergency.
  2. You need perseverance.
  3. You need discipline.
  4. You need perspective.
  5. You need to be precise.
  6. You need the aptitude.
  7. You need the intelligence.
  8. You need to be an athlete.
  9. You need to be able to accept and perfect any and all changes necessary for survival, be they physical, mental, or spiritual.
  10. You need to be intense.
  11. You need to calm and silent - physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  12. You need to be lethal/deadly.
  13. You need to be childlike.
  14. You need to have insight.
  15. You need to have proper intentions about everything.
  16. You need to have vision.
  17. You need imagination.
  18. You need to have faith and belief in the ethereal power that surrounds you and can give you tangible results.
  19. You need to be insatiable.
  20. You need to be completely spiritual and a patriot.
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Guy Savelli

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