Master Reeders’ Triangle Step #1

Dedicated to Rick Myskey and Team, wherever they are. Godspeed and good luck.

If you ask any Kuntaoist what they work on, they will tell you they are working on their Triangle. This is an understatement because there are Diamonds, Squares, Circles and all their combinations. If you work your triangle enough, you will learn countless secrets of movement. Besides the mental and spiritual aspects, there are the physical movements that will confuse your enemy as well as cause blank-outs in his perceptions of where you are or where you’re going. Illusionary movement - you look like you are going here, but you are going there. But how did you get there? By then it is too late. Your enemy is lost and when hit correctly, already struck down without knowing how or from which direction.

Here for the first time is the first basic Triangle move. There are more for sure, and many ways to work them, i.e., jumping, skipping, splitting, high or low, and so on. Without this and other basic patterns, you will be lost.

After you master this pattern, start to move backwards and keep moving just backwards, so you can move backwards as naturally as you move forward. This will be a limited exposure to Reeders’ Kun Tao System. There will be more, but if you really want to get involved, contact me via email or call 1-888-245-8833 for a free DVD.

Guy Savelli  


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