Visualization: The Secret Leopard


This is not for main stream thinking people. This is not for sport. This is to be used in defense of ones life against an attacker who is trying to seriously harm you or your loved ones. This is meant to make the smallest and weakest of us able to face the biggest and strongest foe. This is not easy to do. It takes tremendous concentration and belief. It will make your best physical moves function at the highest level possible.


There is a more serious, not talked about level of training the body with the help of the mind and with working emotions. we call this training MANIFESTATION or THE CHANGE. Here the leopard is started. Naturally, there are other manifestations which can be devised according to one¹s own experience and preference. Several physical exercises that are a combination of the isometric, isotonic, and dynamic tension variety are not dealt with here. This situation will be dealt with later. The training here is just with the mind and the emotions. You do need a good working imagination to be able to picture and bring a leopard to life in your mind, because most of you cannot observe a real leopard first hand in its natural environment and feel its power, presence, and spirit. The visualization techniques that were devised here are the next best steps to follow and have results with. You only need a mirror and a good picture of the face of an attacking leopard just before it leaps.

Note: If you want to use the exact face we use and the one that our students have results with, send us $6.oo with your name and address, and we we will send it to you.

The Start

  1. Stand straight, 2-5 feet away from an unencumbered wall with your hands down and look naturally out of your eyes.

  2. Look straight ahead and do not blink.

  3. Clear out all thoughts.

  4. Try to "see" the bridge of one side of your nose.

  5. Believe something "animal" is looking out of your eyes but is right behind the eyes you are looking out of.

  6. Picture the skull of the leopard is inside your own skull.

  7. Fill in the flesh and spots and form the head of the leopard inside your own head.

  8. Picture and believe the complete head of this leopard is looking out your eyes and believe that leopard is the animal portion of your personality and is real.

  9. Picture the leopard calm and feel that it is pensive and dangerous.

  10. Picture the leopard is starting to snarl and you start to feel this.

  11. Picture the leopard in a full-blown rage bearing its fangs, and you start to feel this and know it is real.

  12. It is important that the human "you" do nothing to contort or change your own face and body in any way.

  13. About now you should see and feel the leopard is looking out your eyes and simultaneously should start to feel much bigger, huge if you will.

  14. Look into a mirror while feeling this way. Your face should have at least darkened, your eyes should be dilated, and . . . . . . . . . . .do this consistently and the rest will be taught later.

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