Scenario: An attacker approaches you with a weapon.

Objective: To strike the attacker before his mind has time to know there is going to be pain inflicted on him.

1. Feeling

External: The attacker sees you falling and fainting-- You MUST project the feeling of fainting to him.
Internal: You feel a focused meanness along with apprehension and danger.

2. Mental

You project to your attacker that you are weak and submissive through the use of accented body language.

3. Visualization

You visualize a black, swirling energy emitted from the depths of your soul entering into a lance. Entwined in this energy is a blooming bolt of lightening, which is how you should "see" your strike.

4. Result: The immediate paralysis of the attacker, caused by shock.

You confuse and finish the attacker with the first strike because he has no point of reference as to what has hit him.

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